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Hi all,

I wanted to share my experience with you all using Ostarine ordered from chemyo. I'm 18, and I've been working out consistently for the past 4 years. Recently, I decided to hop on Ostarine after doing extensive research over it for the past 7 months. I took NAC & L-Arginine to prevent liver toxicity (i've heard mixed feelings about this.. but i just wanted to include NAC just to be safe.) & high blood pressure. I took bloods beforehand, and all came out well. I started taking Ostarine 2 weeks ago @ 20mg/day orally and all was fine until just recently. I started to notice my heart would pump a lot harder and faster when standing, walking, etc. If I were to rep out a set of squats, (5*12) my heart rate would shoot up to 160 BPM.. (while on cycle) I'm not sure why, from what I've heard SARMs can increase bloodflow from androgenic activity. But I've also heard Ostarine doesn't increase heart rate. I'm not sure if I've received a bad batch, but it's a bit concerning. When sitting down, heart rate returns to normal (60BPM). When suddenly standing it shoots up to 90BPM. Not sure if this is just me being anxious, but, I'd definitely like an answer, and some guidance if I did something wrong here. I'd be glad to listen.
You should absolutely using it immediately... There have been more and more issues being reported from them and its becoming a very troubling consistent theme... It has only been two weeks so hopefully whatever that is you are taking is in and out of your system... a lot of research sites have been shown selling things like clenbuterol for example and could be either spiking products or even unknowingly putting the wrong compounds into their products... Many of these sites have no actual facility they produce products in and so beyond not being sterile, the efficacy of production is not their either... GET RID OF IT ASAP and go get bloodwork...

Also, as a side note.. you should never be using any type of ped when you are this young... Do not use any other ped for several more years...
This is an ongoing thing with this company. I do not even want to say their name because they disgust me and everyone else that knows about them. They should be very ashamed for what they are doing to people! Please stop using this wretched product and get your bloodwork done. Once you get that done, you can come back here for help as to how to approach it.
Thanks so much for the responses, I've thrown it out. Will get bloods done and come back on here for a better approach. Thank you both
bros if you want my view thats fake ostarine or spiked, more likely chemyo is spiking ostarine with DMAA that I heard before
This likely means your ostarine mk2866 from chemyo is spiked with a stimulant or prohormone or both. This is not uncommon for fake sarms sellers.
how legit is chemyo? lets see we heard about rashes from cardarine and heart problems from ostarine, that seems legit NOT!
Thanks so much for the responses, I've thrown it out. Will get bloods done and come back on here for a better approach. Thank you both
anytime bro.. yes, let us know how the bloodwork turns out.. if you need help getting tests done, go to to get a full hormonal panel.. coupon code is gemelli30 for 30% off
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