SARMS Triple Stack Question


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Preparing to run a SARMS triple stack for 12 weeks and was wondering what kind of results I could expect.
I know it's a case by case thing but I was just wondering generally what most people gain from something like this.

Background Info
Age - 25 y/o
Weight - 225 lbs
Height - 6'0"
Body-fat - around 15%
Best Lifts - 465 High Bar Squat, 405 Bench Press, 545 Sumo Deadlift
Experience - 11 years of lifting, 4 of them Powerlifting focused, one 12 week LGD 40 cycle as far as PEDs go. Have also used BPC 157 & TB500 to help heal a lower back injury.
How I will be training - 3xs a week of full-body training with 3xs a week of front squatting, incline pressing, and RDLs as my main movements in the 5-8 rep range, and a bunch of accessory movements in the 8-20 rep range to polish things off. I am also preparing for a No-Gi BJJ comp. so I will be training Wrestling & BJJ on 3 other days in the week.

The Stack
LGD 4033 - 10 mg
S4 - 50 mg split between roughly 10 hours
GW 50156 - 20 mg
PCT - Torem - 120/90/60/30 & 3g DAA before bed

Primary goals are to build muscle, gain some strength, and improve cardio/ endurance. Will be eating around 3.2k cals a day w/ 200 g protein.

Thoughts in possible gains?
There is absolutely no way to predict what gains you will make. Everyone is different. It deo ends on your diet, training, genetics, current base, compounds used, individual response, and about a thousand other factors

Gw should be part of your pct bud.
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