1. G

    Female SR/GW

    Dear Isarm users, My wife, ( Age 31, Height: 166 cm, Weight: 62.7KG ) wants to try GW/SR, her nutrition and her training are on point and she already lost 8 kilo in 3months. I was wondering what kind of results can she expect from this? Will the fat loss even accelerate more? When will she...
  2. W

    SARMS Triple Stack Question

    Preparing to run a SARMS triple stack for 12 weeks and was wondering what kind of results I could expect. I know it's a case by case thing but I was just wondering generally what most people gain from something like this. Background Info Age - 25 y/o Weight - 225 lbs Height - 6'0" Body-fat -...
  3. T

    First Cycle Expectations

    Hey, so this is my first time using SARMS and im truely curious as to how well my stack will work and I am looking for a guesstimate as to what results I could have. Im 22 years old, 6 ft. 1, 270 lbs. I will be using S4, GW501516, and SR9009 for an 8 week cycle. Ill be doing a 6:1 workout...
  4. Arek

    Is this enough Test Cyp for nice gains?

    BEFORE I BEGIN I would like to say, I have watched Dylan's video "How much test should i use on cycle" I just wanted to hear what other people say from their experiences of running the cycle im about to discuss. So Dylan, if you're reading this, you're the best, please don't take this personally...
  5. J

    Just getting Started with SARMs

    A little about myself and what led up to taking action: My name is Justin. I just joined this forum and wanted to introduce myself as I need a place to post my progress and results. I am an endomorph, which means I can gain weight easily and have to work hard at looking and feeling good. To...
  6. D

    SarmsX LGD

    Hey Guys, So I was Just wondering about the LGD being sold by SarmsX. All I hear is good things about this site and its products and I know theres many other complanies selling LGD in liquid form like Sarms1, Southern Sarms, etc. I just want to make sure I'm purchasing the right product from the...
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