Is this enough Test Cyp for nice gains?


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I would like to say, I have watched Dylan's video "How much test should i use on cycle" I just wanted to hear what other people say from their experiences of running the cycle im about to discuss. So Dylan, if you're reading this, you're the best, please don't take this personally as I trust you with anything you say. Just simply want to hear other peoples experiences with running a similar cycle.

Currently running a test cyp only cycle, for a few reasons I am not stacking, reasons such as, less pinning, less money, less sides, and honestly just trying to keep it simple..
My cycle consist of one injection a week of 350mgs-400mgs a week /w aromasin EOD.

Theoretically, 200mgs is already enough to make great gains, so i figured 350-400 would be just fine to get nice results whist also keeping the negative sides low. People tell me 350 is a waste, that 350 is just enough to maintain gains, not make gains. I hear the biggest bullshit ever of people telling me they take up to a GRAM OF TEST! I personally think that is ridiculous and such a waste of money.. no idea why people even think that is a good idea.. must be watching too much of Boston Loyd's videos.. do not even want to get on the topic of Boston Loyd before i begin to lose brain cells!

Currently on my third week going onto the fourth.
Noticing: unbelievable pumps, skin gets much oilier, sex drive is through the roof and I'm pretty sure I'm already starting to get some nice size (but it can all just be placebo)

I am quite knowledgeable on dieting and lifting so I wont get in on that topic.
5'11" (125cm)
181 lbs (82kgs)
8%-10% BF

I ran a test cyp cycle before this one, same supplier, different brand, I think i can easily say i picked up some really good, high quality test considering that the last test only cycle i did, it wasn't as effective as this one is thus far. Please let me know what you guys think! (This is my first ever post, so I apologize if i did or said anything wrong!)

Thank you!
350mg of test per week for 12 weeks is plenty. Don't listen to these other asshats out there
Thank you! I never doubted Dylan, just wanted to start a discussion here regarding that topic to hear others personal experiences with. This 350 is doing me wonders thus far and its only 3 weeks in with consistent clean bulk diet of well over 3500 calories a day. Can't wait to prove these kids wrong telling me I need 1G of test a week..
1 gram of test? Idk what wrong with people these days. 350-400 is plenty. Ive run many cycles and just ran a test only 500mg cycle and got good gains off it. Its the nutrition and hard work that is the determining factor

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dude, mr olympia does not need 1 gram of test a week... thats not stupid, thats fucking ignorant... im so glad that you are clearly smart and have asked first etc... i love to see someone acting responsibly... it makes my morning start off a lot better so thanks for that bro! 350-500 mg is plenty... honestly 350 on a first cycle is GENERALLY what i recommend... i dont have an issue with 500 so much but its also not necessary... i go up to 500 like every other cycle depending on the goals but once you do this several times you will see its really not necessary...
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