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  1. OSGearRep

    Unveiling the Power of Ultima CYP at OSGEAR!

    💪 Be Brave with Ultima-Cyp (Test C)! 💥 🚀 Why Ultima Test C? Unmatched Strength & Endurance Laser-Sharp Focus Swift Recovery Harmony Inside 🔥 Available while supplies last! Don't miss out on this game-changer for your fitness journey.
  2. A

    Dosing 500mg of test C

    I am doing a test Cyp cycle with deca. It's 12 weeks and the dosing is 500mg test c with 300mg deca. 1) Dosing the test c, how would you recommend injecting it? Would you spread the dosages out over the week, say 500 split up on MWF, or all at once in one day? 2) I also know that some inject...
  3. A

    Test Cypionate Burn

    Hey so I was injecting test C and right on entry the injection site started to burn like an absolute mf and continued. When I got the needle in all the way, and started injecting, it still did some but not as bad. Pulling out the sensation was back and burned for a bit after. Any idea wtf was...
  4. M

    PCT 3 days or 2 weeks after test cyp only cycle

    Hi guys, nearing end of cycle and reading some conflicting info about starting Oct 3 days or 2 weeks after last test cyp injection? This was a test cyp only cycle
  5. K

    Injection site pain swelling

    Mid cycle I started test cyp from different source and it is causing very bad soreness in my glutes and swelling. I’ve never had trouble with their test over the last couple years until this bottle. Any idea what’s causing this? Had the same happen with a separate supplier few years ago and had...
  6. I

    Testosterone and Boldenone(Equipoise) Mix

    Hello everyone, I have been searching lately for a mix of some form of Test(Enanthate, Cypionate or preferably Undecanoate) with Boldenone Undecylenate. I have come across only one and it has Test Phenylpropionate in addition to the Cypionate and I will have to pin it EOD so it is not an option...
  7. P

    Do I need preventative PCT?

    First post here. Saw the youtube series and was impressed with the emphasis on clean gains and wanted to follow up. According to the sticky I need to post some vitals on my first post so I'm doing so here. I'm going to throw everything in so if it gets long, I apologize. Age: 47 Ht: 5'8" Wt...
  8. Arek

    Is this enough Test Cyp for nice gains?

    BEFORE I BEGIN I would like to say, I have watched Dylan's video "How much test should i use on cycle" I just wanted to hear what other people say from their experiences of running the cycle im about to discuss. So Dylan, if you're reading this, you're the best, please don't take this personally...
  9. A

    unbeatable first experience.

    I'm new to these forums and how all of this stuff works so like I said I hope I'm doing this right. If not feel free to comment and I will edit this. I emailed Valhalla for a list. They always respond very quickly. Sometimes as quick as 10-15 minutes and I'd say at the latest, 1-2 days. Super...
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