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    Hello there !! I'm here to to get info and help from you all with sarms. I'm new to the sarms world and started my first cycle of S4 and Osta (which I bought from Proven Peptides) 4 weeks ago and started my 5th week, I'm running a 8 week cycle and so far I've been impressed with results...
  2. W

    SARMS Triple Stack Question

    Preparing to run a SARMS triple stack for 12 weeks and was wondering what kind of results I could expect. I know it's a case by case thing but I was just wondering generally what most people gain from something like this. Background Info Age - 25 y/o Weight - 225 lbs Height - 6'0" Body-fat -...
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    3rd cycle thoughts and comments

    I am 21 years old / 172 pounds / 11% bf / 5'7 I have done a couple cycles in the past but they have been very simple and always with proper pct. I am doing a 12 week cycle with the following (Currently on the 3rd day): - Test E 400mg/week (weeks 1-12) - Anadrol 100mg/ED (weeks 1-5) - Tren Ace...
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    3rd Cycle Thoughts and comments

    First of all, I've decided to go through with this cycle no matter what. I am only posting this because some vets might know a better way to design a during and post cycle therapy to recover with minimal side effects. Thats one of the things I never really understood. My stats: Age: 21 Height...
  5. Arek

    Is this enough Test Cyp for nice gains?

    BEFORE I BEGIN I would like to say, I have watched Dylan's video "How much test should i use on cycle" I just wanted to hear what other people say from their experiences of running the cycle im about to discuss. So Dylan, if you're reading this, you're the best, please don't take this personally...
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    SARMS and law of diminishing returns

    Hi, So as with most things there exists the law of diminishing returns. I was wondering how this applies to SARMS. So for instance, I have recently bought Cardarine. The recommended dosage seems to be 20mg per day. What would happen if someone were to take 40mg per day? Would this increase...
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    sarms and mk2866 Anyone who has tips on how to grow fast on this? Preferably a good exercise program and how to eat? :) :) :)
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    Inspired by Dylans TBol enhancement, possible lighter Tren?

    Hey guys, just made this and deleted it, time to retype So what I'm doing here s trying to emulate Tren, for people who can't use Tren for any reason, this is gonna be a little rushed because I already went through it all once haha Ok here we go NPP 300-400mg per week, more if experienced-...
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    SARMS Newbie

    Hey im new to sarms and the forum and would really apperiectie your guys' imput. My goal is to bulk and get bigger and I think that sarms would defiently help me get there. My main question is that am i ready to start taking sarms? and if i am what would be a good cylce for me? Thank you Age...
  10. C

    Starting my first cycle

    Whats going on ladies and gents! So I'm looking to start my first sarm cycle and before I get into what I'm looking for, info about me. im 5'7" sitting at 148 lbs lifting for 5 years now. I have taken dmz 3.0 before as well as 4.0. I'm looking to build lean mass / strength and I'm not...
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    LGD 4033 4 weeks pct?

    So ive took of lgd 4033 for 4weeks now..made great gainz..(about 3kgs with very minimal fat gain.So the big question is how do I now best possible keep the gains.. I have nolva and mutant test for pcp will this be sufficient ?? I live en Europe btw so any recommendations should be available...
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