1. D

    SARMS Cycle Recommendations for Husband / Wife

    Seeking two separate cycle recommendations for husband and wife Wife first: 34 yo, 5'0, 110, 16.8% BF, 86.2 muscle mass, 5 years lifting experience Goal: 'Fitness' Pro-Am competition in April (26 weeks away) Diet: 95% clean diet, 6 meals a day, meal plan created by an accomplished WBFF coach...
  2. D

    Reliable place to purchase Cypionate online

    My doctor prescribed me 200 mg/ml of Cypionate every 14 days for some reason when I injected into my thigh the syringe broke and the oil went everywhere and my doctor won't refill my order until the following month does anybody know reliable place where I can get a vial or two in case this...
  3. C

    PCT after 1 year of trt 100 mg test cypionate a week

    Hi Guys, have a question on the recommend protocol for pct after a year of a standard 100 mg a week cypionate dosage after a year of trt. I intend to utilize clomid but would like dosage parameters. Details below. I was on trt for about 1 year straight. The anti aging clinic gave me 200 mg...
  4. Arek

    Is this enough Test Cyp for nice gains?

    BEFORE I BEGIN I would like to say, I have watched Dylan's video "How much test should i use on cycle" I just wanted to hear what other people say from their experiences of running the cycle im about to discuss. So Dylan, if you're reading this, you're the best, please don't take this personally...
  5. B

    Source Tip - Guard Against Bunk

    Here is a quick and easy way to mitigate bunk: use multiple sources on each cycle. Let's say you will do a 400 mg test cycle, and it will not be your last. Well, testosterone is a stable chemical and has a long shelf life. So order your test for your next three cycles now. Instead of using all...
  6. F

    Next cycle dosing? To low? Primo,eq,cyp

    I am going to be running cyp at 300mg, eq at 400mg and primo at 300mg a week. This is my first time using eq or primo but in dylan gemelli's video he recommends a hight dose for the eq and primo. Hope he chimes in but all advice is welcome
  7. M

    Pharmacom test Cyp Cyle 500mg per week

    hello guys i am in my 3 week of pharmacom test cyp cycle and I have it for 10 weeks cycle but now i would like to go 12 weeks cycle and my supplier can get me individual vials so 4 vials of 1ml but it will be test enanthate...would it be bad or harmful for last to weeks to switch to test e or it...
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