What is better for fat loss - Testosterone or SARMS?


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Hey guys,

For a bulking cycle, steroids are obviously the more effective choice than SARMS - but for a cutting cycle, how would they stack up against one another?
Let's take Testosterone (300mg p/week) vs a SARMS triple stack (Cardarine+S4+Osta) as an example. How would they compare in the following ways?

1. Fat loss: would you expect better fat loss results from the testosterone or the SARMS triple stack?
2. Muscle preservation: what would better protect you against muscle catabolism in a calorie deficit?
3. Strength gain: In a calorie deficit, which is better at maintaining/increasing strength?

PS - this is out of curiosity, I am not deciding between these two options, so please answer in the general sense.
Cheers for that. How about muscle preservation and maintaining strength? I'm guessing testosterone wins in that regard?

depends on how fat you are.....if you are over 14% BF "muscle preservation" should be the least of your worries
If you are over 14%...elevating your serum test levels to 3 or 4 times natural ...... can actually work against you in that regard...because your body is storing fat inside the muscle..its not just a layer of fat on top of the muscle

the whole question is just immaterial..because diet training and cardio have such a greater effect on fat loss and "muscle preservation"
Cheers for that. How about muscle preservation and maintaining strength? I'm guessing testosterone wins in that regard?
I would still use sarms. Wasting test just to hold to muscle from a deficit is beyond stupid. And if you actaully did some research on sarms you will see how great they are in preservation.

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Well if you aren't in the right shape or condition, test is out of the question anyways. Besides that it doesn't burn fat, where sarms do have real fat burning capabilities. A sarms stack would be the most ideal for cutting and will give better results in that regard while also preserving lean muscle tissue.

What is your full stats, goals, and experience?
sarms were specifically designed and formulated for people suffering from diseases that cause muscle to be eaten... cancer, osteoperosis and aids patients come to mind... so they are BEYOND excellent for this.. anytime you build muscle, you clearly burn more fat but sarms can be specifically used for fat and weight loss where steroids should never be used for sheer weight loss but can cut fat...
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