Histamine intolerance? Rash? Need advice. Diet and bulking


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Hello fellow iron beasts. A couple of years ago I tried a few cycles and was enthusiastic about it and thought that I have done it correctly BUT then I noticed several issues which made me concerned, I got rash on my whole body, plus the other usual side effects that were toleratebale(which weren’t significant)I didn’t know what caused the rash as it was really sever and so I went to my doctor.

The doctor told me that this is a histamine intolerance reaction from FOOD(I didn’t experience it before) and I actually tested for allergies and the list made me sad.

Basically I am limited to what I can eat and because of some steroids my body kept absorbing anything I give it and thus it made my histamine intolerance high.

So guys

I want to know what foods I can eat to bulk up properly and safely without the histamine intolerance effects. I took medicine and I can say that I’m cured if I eat the correct food.

I want to know how I can cope with this and build muscle correctly. If anyone knows anything about this please share some information.

The histamine reaction was; rash on the body, sweating, going to the bathroom for liquid number 2 haha. Anything that wasn’t suitable for me never stayed to build me up and all went away down the drain. Was 78kg, height is 173, age is 25, body fat was 6%. Now I’m 60kg sadly, no steroid use for more than a year. And wouldn’t try it till I reach my previously achieved 78kg.

I need advice for diet as it’s more important that thinking of taking steroids at this point.

Yes you can call me stupid and skinny but what can I do...genetics wasn’t on my side.

I repeat please. It’s a diet help and any advice I can get. Not about steroids.

Thank you guys for reading
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