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Hey everyone,

I'm looking at starting a cycle soon but I'm coming across a few big red flags:

1) Effects on the heart - looking at some studies says that they are damaging to your heart by making it weaker. The study that I read said that they don't know whether this damage is irreversible when they come off the drugs entirely.

Now the next claim I saw was from a news article about people abusing anabolic steroids but they said that they abused steroids because they had overdeveloped muscles (wut) and shrunken balls. News reports also said that these men had enlarged hearts and weak af hearts due to gear use. Problem is that we don't know how much cardio they were doing etc to stay healthy. I mean fuck if they were really that detrimental then wouldn't people like Ronnie Colemen be dead right now? The study looked at average joes that were using like Personal Trainers (me lol) Security guards and bodybuilders.

The problem that I'm seeing here is how does it hurt your heart? If your heart is in good condition, BP low and you do regular cardio then what exactly is causing the heart problems. Studies did however say something about cells in the heart dying off and that steroid users had a greater chance of heart attacks later in life....Which is terrifying to think about as 50% of people that go into heart attacks die.

2) Effects on the prostate

Prostate enlargement not something I'm too keen on. I want to fight off doctors jamming their fingers where the sun don't shine for as long as possible. I've seen a few remedies to treat it, I'd take a whole stack of herbal treatments while on cycle if I had to. Its also more that the prostate appears to grow if exposed to a fuck tonne of DHT (correct me if I'm wrong).

Everything else is pretty manageable, I will say that I did get acne when I was going through puberty and right up until I was 20 so that's something I'll need to sort out. Can't take accutane because my father had IBD and although I've never had IBD it could flare something up and then I'm stuck with OBD for life.

Thanks everyone for replying (in advance) please link me to studies when discussing the heart as this is my main problem at the moment.