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  1. Cocopiny

    Hair loss

    Hey guys, So please don?t respond to this unless you know your shit in regards to the pharmacology/ and or have a lot of first hand experience. So I?ve been cycling gear for the past 4 years, and just very recently started noticing some hair loss. It?s likely due to my most recent 12 week run...
  2. J

    Side effects after Stopping Cycle cold turkey

    Hello everyone I was on test 250 ew for 12 weeks took the hcg for for 2 weeks after last injection but when I started taking the clomid and the nolva and I started to feel very irritaded very emotional even at low doses so I literraly stopped taking them and now the only side effect that...
  3. N

    Help with sarms side effects

    Hello Guys, My name is Rodrigo, 30yo from Argentina. I bought from narrow labs Ostarine 25mg, Cardarine 20mg and Andarine 50mg (I took this for 3 days) last night I woke up in the middle of the night with breathing difficulties (like a panic attack or something like that), of course I stopped...
  4. C

    First SARMS cycle, any suggestions?

    Hi everybody! I'm Ben, 35years old, 173cm, 72kg, 18% BF. Training 5 to 6 days /week, 2times per day, 8am Cardio, 7pm Musculation. I'm running my first SARMS cycle for lose fat and trying to see my abs again... XD Yeah i know my goal is stupid as fu*k XD I'm running Ostarine MK-2866 and...
  5. H

    SARMs cycle for gaining size and keeping muscle while losing fat (BEGINNER)

    Hi, I have been looking at LGD4033 and Ostarine. I am 22 and 5'9 with 160 lbs and 18% BF. I have been working from 3 years and have been using creatine and protein.. want to gain muscle while lose fat. mainly muscle gain. What cycle would you guys suggest? Also, do I need to have AI and natural...
  6. J

    RAD vs LGD vs Osta --- ANDROGENIC SIDES -----

    Hey dudes, Background I know that the vast majority of people do not experience Androgenic side effects with SARMS, but I most certainly am experiencing pretty severe acne from it. Dylan helped me to confirm that there is always the POSSIBILITY of androgenic sides due to hormonal changes...
  7. H

    First Cycle

    Hello! I am an 18 year old looking into running a 4 week cycle of Test E, but only to really test how my body reacts to external androgens(side effects and such). Meaning one injection of 200mgs Test E every week for 4 weeks. I will use Aromasin, 8mgs every other day, a bit of a lower dosage...
  8. M

    PCT nolvadex - dizziness, naseau, headaches

    Came off a stand alone LGD cycle running for 8 weeks at 10mg (good source), and then dropped to 5mg for the 9th week before starting PCT. Was able to get roughly 10 lbs of gains. Keep in mind I'm a hard gainer to begin with, very lean all my life. The cycle couldnt have gone more perfectly...
  9. H

    Heart Health & Steroids

    Hey everyone, I'm looking at starting a cycle soon but I'm coming across a few big red flags: 1) Effects on the heart - looking at some studies says that they are damaging to your heart by making it weaker. The study that I read said that they don't know whether this damage is irreversible...
  10. Blue_Shine

    AAS Abuse in young adults: lessons from the GDR

    Background: the GDR (German Democratic Republic) has sanctioned AAS (Anabolic, Androgenic Steroids) administration to young athletes between 1966-1974 in an attempt to attain world class recognition in athleticism over the Russians (during which time were also professionally doping athletes of...
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