RAD vs LGD vs Osta --- ANDROGENIC SIDES -----


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Hey dudes,


I know that the vast majority of people do not experience Androgenic side effects with SARMS, but I most certainly am experiencing pretty severe acne from it. Dylan helped me to confirm that there is always the POSSIBILITY of androgenic sides due to hormonal changes. Acne broke out all over my face, chest, shoulders and back soon after starting a SARMSX stack of LGD, Osta, S4. I saw a skin specialist that confirmed that the appearance, location and emergence of the acne was all consistent with that of Androgen use - he was convinced I was taking harsher steroids by the looks of it. It is frustrating that I must halt, or at least slow down SARM use, as the product quality was great


I would like to continue just one proper SARM to see if it improves. So aside from GW, Stena and MK677, Which SARM has the most minimal chance of androgenic side effects?
- LGD (seems to very potent, so probably not this)
- RAD (favourable anabolic/androgenic ratio of 90:1)
- Osta (weaker than LGD and RAD, but a less favourable anabolic/androgenic ratio right?)
- S4 (out of the question, clearly the most androgen-like)

Surely RAD is the safest option for my acne right?

Help would be greatly appreciated.
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Bro, I thought I went over this with you, but this has nothing to do with anythng being androgenic over something else at all. Acne is caused by hormonal fluctuation.....plain and simple, and you're hormones are fluctuating. Some are more prone than others, and that's just the way it is. Any sarm that has some suppression can influence acne to some degree, so I, not sure what to tell you to be honest.