PCT nolvadex - dizziness, naseau, headaches


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Came off a stand alone LGD cycle running for 8 weeks at 10mg (good source), and then dropped to 5mg for the 9th week before starting PCT.
Was able to get roughly 10 lbs of gains. Keep in mind I'm a hard gainer to begin with, very lean all my life.
The cycle couldnt have gone more perfectly, felt great, great pumps, reasonable amount of mass gains, pretty impressive strength gains.
i finished my cycle one week ago and started to run nolvadex and ostarine.
The nolvadex is from ag-guys which i was told by many people was a good source.
The ostarine i ordered from receptorchem who is highly reviewed.

Now, my PCT cycle looks something like this:
nolva 20/15/10/10
ostarine 25/25/20/20/15 <---- probably will just go until bottle runs out at 15mg

Ever since i started taking nolva and osta, i have had these crazy headaches and constant dizziness throughout the day. I also experience bouts of anxiety and hot flashes. I am usually able to eat but i do get natious. Unfortunately im basically not able to workout because I get too dizzy. I dont think taking ibuprofen or anything constantly will be smart. Should i stop taking the nolva? as far as suppression goes i think im ok, soldier stands at attention, sex drive is solid, lethargy is almost non existent. its too early to get bloods but is it ok for me to taper off the nolva early? is there an alternative i can get my hands on quickly?

i was totally under the impression nolvadex was side-free but im now seeing that isnt that case based on reviews and my own use.
thanks for any feedback in advance guys.
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You need bloodwork to see what's going on bro. Nobody here can speculate what the problem is without it. Where was your LGD from?
My friend purchased in bulk from either sarms1 or sarmsx I don't remember but those are the only 2 sites he uses
First you need to determine if it's ostarine or the nolvadex. Drop the ostarine and see. I wouldnt run the ostarine in PCT as LGD probably hammered your test pretty good. I get zero sides from nolvadex.
I figured the osta would be could to hang on to gains? Either way I'm more concerned with just feeing better right now. Would there even be a point to get bloods done right now?
My friend purchased in bulk from either sarms1 or sarmsx I don't remember but those are the only 2 sites he uses

More then likely sarms1 if you have AG Guys Nolva. I personally wouldn't run any of that but blood will tell you the fully story.
If you're not running SARMSX and it's SARMS1 I would either drop it and start your PCT over or go get blood work.