1. L

    Pro-Hormone Advice

    Hey Dylan, I have been watching your videos on pct, nolva, clomid, mk 2866, but I am still not 100% how to dose out the correct amount of nolva and clomid for the cycle I am about to run. I plan on taking 17a Andro for 4 weeks from Steel Supplements and I have taken the 4 Andro from them last...
  2. K

    Letro for gyno and when to stop

    Had some gyno flare up on my first cycle very late while running sustanon @500mg a week. I took bad advice and didn’t get an aromatase inhibitor in time to stop gyno. I started taking letrozole as soon as I felt the pea sized lump behind my nip. I have been using it for roughly a week now, and...
  3. B


    I've looked all around for a PCT (SERM/AI/HCG) source with little to no luck.. Can someone point me in the direction of a vendor or PM me with a legitamite PCT source? I take PCT seriously and want to make sure when the time comes that it's not bunk. Thank you anyone that has input!
  4. B

    2nd PCT Advice?

    What's up guys I'm currently waiting for bloodwork on E2 and Prolactin as well as general T levels and such. I'm waiting ever so patiently but in the event my urologist isn't helpful and or won't prescribe me anything, I wanted to get some advice on a second PCT option. My current levels...
  5. B

    Has anybody used hipocampus as of recent?

    Hey Guys I'm about to run a second pct as I haven't recovered fully and I want to move on from research chemicals. I stumbled across and it claims to be selling legit pharma grade products. I'm interested in buying proviron, clomid and nolva. Has anybody bought from them...
  6. B

    Gyno and Letro side effects

    Hey guys, I've got some gyno from a previous cycle when I was dumb and ignorant in college. I figured I'd give a strong dose of nolva a try as surgery isn't an option financially right now. I'm finishing an OTC PH cycle in a few days, I've got a PCT set up and also have Nolva which I'll run at...
  7. M

    PCT nolvadex - dizziness, naseau, headaches

    Came off a stand alone LGD cycle running for 8 weeks at 10mg (good source), and then dropped to 5mg for the 9th week before starting PCT. Was able to get roughly 10 lbs of gains. Keep in mind I'm a hard gainer to begin with, very lean all my life. The cycle couldnt have gone more perfectly...
  8. W

    Mountain run in 15 weeks. When should i start the 10 week cycle?

    Hi. I've signed up for a mountain run in 15 weeks. 11km long, 1500m up. I recently bought some S4 and GW, enough for 10 weeks at 50mg s4 ed and 20mg GW ed. My plan was to use this for cutting, but since this suddenly came up I've decided to time it around the run instead. I Will also be using...
  9. S

    SR9009 and Anavar

    Hello, I am currently approximately 4 weeks into a 6 week cycle of Anavar at 50mg per day. I am interested in taking SR9009 for some extra cutting, and am wondering if there is any drug interaction or side effects I would need to be concerned about. I will be taking 30mg of SR for 20 days. Is it...
  10. Romes20

    DAA with PCT

    Just curious if anyone found it useful to run DAA along with the standard Clomid/Nolva/etc PCT protocol. If so, did you start it on day 1 of PCT, wait to give the SERMs a chance to do their thing and then add in after the first few weeks, or wait until after SERM use had ended to use it or...
  11. K

    Am I on the right track with my PCT... Please HELP!

    Hey guys, After a 12 week cycle of Primoteston Depot (Test Enanthate) I have started my PCT. One week after my last injection I started a 'blast phase' of HCG - 500 IU's a day for the past 10 days (nearly two weeks). As soon as I finish the HCG (3 more shots) I am planning to start my 4 week...
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