Advice Needed: Dbol + Winnie + Enant


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My Past Experience
I did enanthate a few years ago for about 2 cycles, got a some gains (but too not crazy because I didn't use too much, about 250mg a week) but I can't say I had side effects, or noticeable ones

My Goals:
I want to bulk and then cut to achieve a more athletic look than bodybuilding. I plan to transition into fighting (like Muay Thai) a few months from now for self-defense reasons.

Current Body
I look like a guy who has some muscle development, but you can tell that I was a little fat because I was lazy for the past few years and I stayed fat, and after I burned the fat really fast with IM (and more recently, with the Carnivore Diet), I have a little excess skin. You can see a little of my abs but you can also tell that I didn't hit the gym in a while.

My Cycle Plan
week 1 - 8: Enant, 250mg Weekly (injection)
week 1 - 4: Dbol pills, 30mg Daily
week 5 - 8: Winnie pills, 30mg Daily
Then, PCT after the last day of Winnie

I don't want to go too crazy on my first STACKING CYCLE (since I've never stacked before) but then I don't want to be a huge "gym" guy

I just wanted to run my stack idea with you guys who have more experience than I do.
Is this a good stack or should I modify to add/take away or did I miss something?
And More importantly, is 8 weeks enough or should I extend it to 10 or 12 weeks?

-- Thanks for all the helpful replies in advance


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thats impossible for me to answer when you literally give me nothing to work with... i dont know your cycle history, your goals? your workout history? stats??? age/height/weight/body fat... you cannot expect any sort of valid answer when you give me nothing to work with…


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Couple of points here;

Your first paragraph mentioned you didn't gain too much because you're ran 250 mg of test. You didn't gain too much because you didn't train and diet properly. You can gain plenty on that amount of test.

If you were lazy for the past few years then you need to get back to a regular diet and training program before considering any juice.

You keep mentioning that you don't want any drastic changes. If that's the case then anabolics are not for you.

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I would look into some type of AI with the test and Dbol. 30mgs of winnie isn't gonna do much at 3 weeks. Winnie at 50mg would be alot better for a short 3 weeks.

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