1. T

    Bpc 157 questions

    Second time using BPC-157 totally forgot experience first time around, which was 5 years ago. - Do you guys aspirate to avoid hitting a vein when injecting subq? - What happens if you do hit a vein and inject? cough and taste a bit like tren? - Is it normal for injection sight to bleed a tad...
  2. R

    Cycle Feedback

    Hello Everyone, I was hoping to get some feedback on my planned cycle. I'm a small guy, 5'11 @ 165 lbs. ~13% - 14% body fat right now. 42 years old. I'm fairly new to SARMS and last year I did my first cycle of real SARMS. It was a very short 2 month cycle that consisted of 25mg / .5ml a day...
  3. L

    Advice Needed: Dbol + Winnie + Enant

    My Past Experience I did enanthate a few years ago for about 2 cycles, got a some gains (but too not crazy because I didn't use too much, about 250mg a week) but I can't say I had side effects, or noticeable ones My Goals: I want to bulk and then cut to achieve a more athletic look than...
  4. D

    First Cycle & Questions (LGD-4033 & MK-677)

    Starting this cycle, LGD at 10mg in the morning, MK at 12.5 at night before bed. A few questions, because there is so much misinformation out there. -What panels should I run before and after to see where I'm at? When would I run the last lab test, while on cycle still or after a period of...
  5. Tommydiesel

    54 year old male introduction:

    54 year old male introduction: Hello and I welcome all advice and guidance. I will try to be as detailed as I possibly can and if there's something I need to explain better please feel free to ask me. I will take your advice and your guidance to help me live long, happy and healthy. I did...
  6. P

    First Cycle - Questions & Goals

    I'm 33 Years Old 5'8" 190 lbs 22% body fat 4 Years of serious training Considering the following first cycle: Week 1-6 : 250mg test-e (twice per week) so total of 500mg per week Week 8-12 : Clomid 100mg/ed Novaldex 20mg/ed Aromasin 15mg/ed The goal here is to put on lean muscle while ending...
  7. N

    Sarms stack newbie

    Hey guys hope RickRock and Dylan see this thread and chime in but to all that read this. I have been doing research on SARMS and wanted to recomp and cut body fat as fast as possible.Was interested in running mk2866 only cycle for 12 weeks @50mg a day( 25mg in am/ 25mg in pm) along with a pct...
  8. H

    Advice for a newcomer

    --24yrs --6'0 --5 years of Active lifting history including a 9 month pause --225-235lbs --Approx. 20-25% BodyFat --46in Chest --18in Biceps --29in Quads --36in Waist --ENDOMORPH (Build if you follow that) --No prior enhancer use -- My Goal is Fatloss, Health, and Longevity Hello New Fam...
  9. X

    Just a newbie looking for advice

    I'm 30 years old, 6"0, 181lbs 15%bf, very active. I'm really looking for gains and have now ended up here in my search. I've researched allot of this and want to do my first cycle but I have no idea what to start with. Please share with me your wisdom o' great aesthetic minds.
  10. B

    Nebido, for TRT, and Cycle?

    Hi, I've recently been put on TRT, Nebido for 1g of Test Undecanoate every 10weeks. I've had serious health before (insomnia, lack of concentration, completely unmotivated etc...), which could never been diagnosed until they found recently it was due to non-production of testosterone after...
  11. mlreynol9

    Newbie! First cycle!

    Hey everyone, first time here. I am competing in my first bodybuilding competition in July of this year, and I want to look my very best! I have been training extremely hard for the past 14 months, without gear. I want to run a cycle, but nothing too crazy, something very mild. I heard...
  12. RK77

    First SARM cycle in consideration.... any advice highly appreciated!

    Hey guys! New to this forum & new to SARMS, in search for an advice. Being at age 39, 5' 11", 240 lbs and cca 16% bf I am now stronlgy considering 8 - 12 weeks LGD-4033 solo run. I am lifting since i was 19 years old ( almost 20 years ), always maintained healthy lifestyle, never took any AS...
  13. H

    Lgd help - first cycle

    Just received my first 3 bottles of lgd and looking for some advice with regards to how to cycle it. Was planning on running it for 8 weeks at 10mg/day - wanting to add size. Is this too much? Also, what should my PCT be composed of? Do I actually need one? Do I need to be taking anything in...
  14. R

    First Cycle Advice

    Okay so i'm on week 3 of my first cycle heres my stats: Sustanon 250 mg 3 times a week Equipoise (Bolderone) 150 mgs 3 times a week I have pct on hand it is Nolvadex. How long should I run this this cycle? and also, and post cycle therapy advice? herby here would love to hear some...
  15. J

    New and overwhelmed

    Hello everyone, I've started working out 6 months ago, and am ready to take my workouts to the next level. I've been reading and reading about all . I decided to go with RAD-140 because it seems like it's more low risk than other supplements. I've read people saying that you don't need a PCT...
  16. B

    Sarms cycle stacking questions

    Hi, im not completely new to sarms, have been using LGD ostarine and S-4 last year, decided to do a 3 month break, and now im about to start a new sarm cycle again. I've now got all sarms (Ialong with the new ones) from osatbolic all the way to testolone, and i was wondering, the best optimal...
  17. Guarionex

    Post Partum advise

    Ok people, and ladies, your input will be of great value. My wife had our second child three weeks ago with C-Section. Still swollen from surgery but revovering well. She still lactate but not enough for the baby so he's in formula only. She wants to get in shape although she's not exactly a...
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