Bpc 157 questions


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Second time using BPC-157 totally forgot experience first time around, which was 5 years ago.

- Do you guys aspirate to avoid hitting a vein when injecting subq?

- What happens if you do hit a vein and inject? cough and taste a bit like tren?

- Is it normal for injection sight to bleed a tad?

- Is using 250mcg daily enough for meniscus or mcl tear recovery?

- How long is BPC-157 recommended to be used for In order to heal a meniscus or ligament hair?

- Is there something else that would be recommended that is better than Bpc for healing? Or in conjunction?

- What are your experiences using BPC-157?

lots of questions but maybe it’s help others if we can pool together answers. Thanks in advance!


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well you don't want to inject bpc into a vein so if you see a vein don't go there. inject as close to the injury as possible


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bro i use bpc only with injuries and only with ostarine mk2866

Fella Finn

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I second that option on the sarms healing stack. BPC and other healing peptides do not compare in any way to the effects you would get from the healing stack