BPC 157 and TB 500


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Hello sir, I had meniscus surgery (Right Knee) a year ago while partially tearing the ACL of my (left knee). I decided not to get surgery for the ACL because the doctor said I didn't need it but it still feels unstable a bit and sometimes hurts. I'm currently running BPC 157 and TB 500 (day 3 into it). I'm 6'2 253 pounds and I play football which is the reason for my injuries. I'm sitting out this year to heal so I can basically take anything (I've never taken anything but sarms which was some ostarine like 2 years ago) and they are not allowed to test me for anything because I'm not playing. I just wanted to know what you would recommend with this stack and where to get legit peptides. I bought mine from Neobolics and everything I purchase has to be able to send to Canada. Also, do you really think it's possible to heal a tendon like my ACL with any thing you recommend?
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you are going to have a hard time finding any peptides worth a shit and i also dont really recommend peptide use... LMFAO... keep it private? what kind of douche bag do you think i am? thats insulting in itself man... smh... come on... mk2866 and mk677 is what i would recommend but i seriously am having trouble with your comment
I am sorry about the weak post but it is my first time posting ever in a forum. Give me a break guys.
its all good bro but seriously... how would anyone even know who you are and what kind of douche do you think i am here? i deal with real professional athletes in the pros bro... i dont say anything about anyone at anytime... alll i know you as is sowalders... period... and i dont really care who you are in person... i just care about helping you
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