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--5 years of Active lifting history including a 9 month pause
--Approx. 20-25% BodyFat
--46in Chest
--18in Biceps
--29in Quads
--36in Waist
--ENDOMORPH (Build if you follow that)
--No prior enhancer use
-- My Goal is Fatloss, Health, and Longevity

Hello New Fam!! I'm attempting to get into the word of SARMS and other enhancers! But it'd be a understatement to say I'm a BIT overwhelmed. Im not completely oblivious to SARMS but I am very inexperienced to say the least. I was hoping for some friendly advice on where to start...
I'm a bit standoff-ish toward Steroids, Test, basically injectables...but was thinking MK677 alone to get my feet wet...but im honestly lost.
Any help and advice would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks in advance!
keep in mind that mk677 needs to be ran for a year continuously without cycling off… also, 677 is faked everywhere due to the extremely high cost of production… has pure mk677… the very best you can find…
I'd also add some gw in to that to expedite your fat loss. It's nonhormonal so it won't suppress you or require a pct
I've never found mk677 effective for fat loss, as it makes we want to eat an unborn child.

S4 is good, rad140 is good, ostarine works well for me, sr9009 doesnt do anything for me, and gw is my overall favorite for any cycle.
as i said, mk677 carries an abundance of fat loss capabilities, just as hgh does... thats one of its most noted capabilities in several cited studies...
Thanks guys!! I got a lot of research to do
So to be clear a good starting point is Mk677 and gw?
I'm gonna start stacking my knowledge on those two then
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