True milligrams? How much can REALY BE TRUE


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Question guys, normal NPP has a dossage of 100mg/ 1ml but now is have this new brand claiming it to be 200mg/ml it sure as hell works en i know a lot of people (in holland) use this brand. However i was wondering is this possible ? Can it really be 200mg/1ml or isn’t there a max here?

Srry for my english.


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Not saying it could not, but sinds there are limits i was wondering if this or is not possible.

Thanks for the quick reply !!! :)


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I've seen NPP at higher concentrations. Thete are different concentrations with all gear. Some can hold more mg per ml than others and stay stable. With higher concentrations thete is usually higher PIP so keep that in mind


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just remember like cmb said, the harder it is to keep stable AND the more painful the injection... you can attempt to make it however you want...


I’ll add to what everyone else said. It also depends on the carrier used. Some oils can hold higher amounts of things than your typical gso, CSO, etc. if it says something over quadruple your typical dosage then I’d start being careful. But skilled people can do a lot of things. Robolics has 150mg Boldenone acetate for example and I vouch for its potency and lack of PIP. However winstrol is a hard mother fucker to do a lot with from what I’ve seen.