Best Cutting cycle for Beginner


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Age - 26 years
Training Experience - 10 years (all natural)
Gained good amount of size and I am now planning to cut while retaining maximum amount of muscle... Tried cutting naturally many times but always end up losing significant amount of muscle and lack of energy in the gym just adds to the misery...
So i have decided to cut this time with the help of anabolics so that i would be able to retain muscles while keeping energy levels good in my workouts...
So kindly suggest me best cutting cycle for a beginner that would help me retain maximum amount of muscle with minimum side effects...

So things I want to know about...

Supplements (only ones that actually work)
Organ Support
Cycle duration and their doses...
Basically everything that a newbie in the anabolics world should know...
If there is already post written on this topic in this forum then provide me with the link so i can reach to that easily...


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Age - 26
Height - 5'10"
Sex - Male
Weight - 220 lbs
Current body fat -> 17-19 % (will use anabolics after shedding 2% body fat)
Experience in gym - 10 years
Experience with anabolics - None
Goal - Cutting (below 10% - I have gone below 10% before but as i said it was associated with good amount of muscle loss, now goal is to retain as much as i can)..

Anything else You wana know..


Test C 400mg/week and winstrol 40-50mg/ed sounds good to me. It's a very simple but effective cycle.
along with aromasin 12.5 mg eod, and a cycle support product AND a solid pct. I would try lowering bf to 13% tho before starting the cycle
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