Need a 6 day training break mid-cycle, continue taking SARMS?


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Hey guys,

So I did my last workout yesterday. Due to an operation I have to take the next 6 days off of training. I started my SARMS cycle 5 days ago (S4, SR, Osta, GW) and its a cut cycle. Got a few questions regarding my situation:

1. Should I just continue taking my SARMS over the next 6 sedentary days to keep a stable level in my system and continue burning fat, or are they only really truly effective when used on the day of, or days surrounding training?
2. The cut cycle is at a deficit of 500 cals. Should I return to maintenance calories for the next 6 days to avoid any muscle/strength loss, particularly if I am not using the SARMS during this period?

BONUS QUESTION - When are SARMS working at their peak for muscle gain? e.g. at the very start of cycle? or does it work like Test Enanthate, where it peaks at say the 4th week?
Reason being - I will be switching from a cut to a recomp at some point during my 12 week SARMS cycle, and it would make sense to time the transition so that I switch to Recomp at the point at which muscle gain is most prominent.

1. I would keep taking them, they will help in healing most likely
2. its up to you on the calorie intake
3. usually about week 8-12 are the peaks of these sarms that's why it really isn't advisable to do the 8 week even tho it is offered in a stack.
Continue taking SARMs. You just had an operation, while your activity level will be lower, you also will be healing from the operation. I'd go maintenance, it will likely only make it easier to drop bf when you return to cutting anyways.
Don't stop taking the sarms. You want to continue taking them. 6 days off of training will hurt nothing and you want to keep them at peak levels.

Sarms reach peak concentration within a week or so, but the results start coming in usually in the 2nd to 3rd week
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