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  • Thanks for your reply and I will get back to you with an update on my blood results....I really want see some good gains.....but doing it safely....I feel as if I am being trodden on here by others thinking I'm bullshitting about my age.....I dont know a great deal about steriods only what my source have told me and some research of my own that's why I'm here to get a better view on how these work....what not to take and is ok to take.... thanks
    Thank you for your reply. What has been your most effective cycle for cutting? Where would I even get stuff if i am interested?

    I am looking to get that dry hard look. I can send u a pic of where i am right now but idk how to send it on here. My stats are 5 ' 7 155 lbs with about 12% bf. My diet is very clean (seriously - no bs) and i train 5-6 x per week with 30-40 mins of cardio. Only about 15 of which is HIT. Thanks again for help.
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