1. D

    Gonna miss at least 5 days on my rad140 cycle

    I been on rad140 for a full 4 weeks shorted myself on doses I thought I had more. Will I be okay to continue off after missing 5 days? Worried about suppression should I just continue or start PCT and start over after .
  2. G

    RAD140 higher dose? Or stop

    I started my first cycle of RAD140 and GW. Been doing 20mg of each per day since Nov 28, 2023 I immediately felt the GW. Like I was running with an O2 tank strapped on my back. But have felt almost nothing nor noticed and gains or strength increases from the RAD140. No muscle pumps. Back...
  3. JohnnyBukkake69

    LOG: Anavar, Rad 140, Cutting Cycle

    My Plan: 8 -12 week Cut. 20mg Anavar (Oxandrolone tablet) may increase to 40mg 20mg Rad 140 (Testolone Gel) 20mg GW-501516 (Cardarine Gel) 20mg ACP-105 (gel) 50mg S-4 (Andarine Polycell formula) Starting weight: 80kg Body Fat: ~20% Nutrients: 200P/100C/40F (1400-1800kcals) Sample: Meal One: 5...
  4. Dgator86

    New Year Recomp Stack for couple

    Hi all, I wanted to get some feedback on my stack design for my girlfriend and I. The goals of this is to lose bodyfat and grow muscle. I’m 6’1”, 216 @ 16.5% BF I don’t know hers off hand but she’s in better shape than me as a woman ———— Training: CrossFit - 4+ times per week Standard gym - 3...
  5. E

    Rad 140 5 MG?

    I'd like to add RAD 140 and was thinking of trying a small dose of 5 MG I am 40 and 125 pound / 17% BF I am looking to cut and add some lean muscle. I am currently on MK 677 25 MG ED. I started on it by itself to see if I hit any sides, and also to see if it would help repair my AC joint...
  6. W

    Anyone heard or used Bodybuilt Labs Sarms?

    Has anyone used Bodybuilt Labs Sarms? They have a extensive product range, have a instagram account, and have a reasonable review on here: They also use Colmaric Analyticals as their 3rd party testers of their products...
  7. L


    Hi guys, Ive been running MK677 25mg + Rad140 15mg for almost 8 weeks now for my 12 weeks bulk. Results been good and im thinking of bumping up Rad140 to 30mg for final 4 weeks of bulk, will that cause any issues or just waste of time?
  8. K

    Rad140, ostarine, LGD bad sides

    Hi all, I've realised that I've been doing an excessive cycle and I'm 5 weeks into my cycle consisting of lgd 8mg, ostarine 20mg, rad140 20mg. Past week I've experiences bad sleep, sweating a lot especially in my sleep, tiredness and lethargy, and yesturday my blood pressure was 166/88 causing...
  9. W

    Beginner cycle help??

    Hi everyone I’ve been going to the gym for a while now, but have always struggled putting on size, I’m considering a sarm cycle for my first time to help put on some lean mass. I’ve been looking at potentially a stacked cycle of mk677 and rad140, or rad140 and LGD however I know both rad140 and...
  10. S

    Sarms PCT advice?

    Hi guys, first post so go easy ;) i'm about to start my first Sarms cycle at the age of 47 and would like to get my PCT in place before I start. i'm going to be running MK677 ongoing for a while with a 10 week run of RAD140 at 20mg per day. At the end of the RAD140 I will start using an over...
  11. O

    First time SARM user - Need Advice

    Hi folks, I have been lifting for over 3 years now. m 30 years old, height 182cm, weight 168lbs. I had a accident about a month ago and have recently recovered from a clavicle fracture. I am planning to take SARM post my strengthening training for 8 weeks. RAD 140 - 20mg a day MK 2866 -...
  12. M

    Sarms cycle advice needed

    Main goal maybe gain 5lbs of muscle as dry as possible no wet gains Ive done previously 3 months of MK 677,and ive done the sarms triple stack Planning on running Osta,rad 140 (low dose) maybe add some mk677 low dose 15mg Cycle Osta 1-8 15mg-25mg Rad 140 1-8 10-20mg AlCar 2g...
  13. J

    Sarms and PCT - Some question + cycle report RAD140 + MK2866

    Hello everyone. That's my first post, any help will be welcome. I am 35yo, 6 feet tall, and had 195 pounds 3 months ago (about 25% BF - SAD). Last few years I was sedentary, but I have "the know how to work out" cause in the twentys I trained a lot... so, I needed a push, and that push was RAD...
  14. E

    Rad140 Solo Run Log Clean Bulk

    Starting a rad140 log, 15mg/day for 11 weeks as that is how much I have. I've read nearly every sarm thread on this site, first time posting though. Age : 28 Height: 6'1 Weight: 185 Bodyfat: 10-12% (good abs when flexed, somewhat visible unflexed) Cals: somewhere around maintenance for a week...
  15. G

    Sarms recomp diet macros

    I eat about 4700kcal each day . What macros ' distribution would you suggest ? The biggest problem is that if I would use for example 30% of protein I would eat 353g of protein that are really too too much so what do ? I'm using 100mg ed of andarine,10mg of lgd 30mg of rad and 20mg of gw.
  16. A

    First Cycle Help/Log

    Hello everyone, For my first run, I want to cycle of Rad140 for 4-weeks starting May 1st and will be updating here weekly. I plan on administering 10mg/ED for a total of 30 days. 5mg first thing in the morning and 5mg around 4pm. My first question: Will i get the same effects by administering...
  17. D

    RAD140 and 1-Andro

    Hello all. I'm a 34 year old male, 230 lbs 5'9. Life time lifter. Looking for opinions and advice. I've been on 1-Andro for about 5 weeks. I'd like to start RAD140. Seeing as they work completely different, would there be recommendations to stop the 1-Andro while on RAD140? I know the...
  18. L

    RAD140 / Laxogenin

    Hello everybody, I would like to know if higher doses of laxogenin itself (150-200mg) would help to push futher potential of a natty? Are we able to preserve the gains after an RAD cycle? Ive never done any form of cycles before and considering of getting in, eithee go for laxo and remain...
  19. B

    rad140 newbie

    Gentlemen and /or Ladies, recently purchased RAD140, the bottle says 10mg x 30ml, since that cant be converted, how does a bro, measure 20mg? one is mass and the other is volume. is the dropper usually 10 mg? i want to start with 20mg. thanks in advance.
  20. G

    Rad140 + gw501516

    Hi super newbie here, a friend of mine who is no stranger to this sort of stuff has sourced a legit place to get SARMS from. The personal recomendation from the lab to try out first is RAD140 + GW501516. I'm of solid build from work, weight training and some good genetics, but Ive had a...
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