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    Sarm Bulking cycle

    Hello Dylan and my fellow gym brothers. I finally decided to go on a cycle after researching a lot about sarms and watching dylan's videos about each and every sarm i'm going to write about. I decided to use sarms to see how much size i could put more ontop of my body right now and by the looks...
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    RAD140 & MK677 review/Important Question

    Hey guys I'm new to the forum, but I've read a lot of y'alls threads and thank you it's great stuff being discussed. First off I need to say thank you so so much to Dylan Gemelli, being uninformed I probably would have wrecked my body taking steroids, but luckily for me I came across his videos...
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    Rad140 pct

    Just ordered an 8.5 week RAD140 cycle at 25mg a day from SarmsX. This will be my first time doing any SARM or AAS. Very excited but also a little scared about supression. What PCT cycle should I do to make sure I'm as safe as possible?