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Hello everyone,

For my first run, I want to cycle of Rad140 for 4-weeks starting May 1st and will be updating here weekly. I plan on administering 10mg/ED for a total of 30 days. 5mg first thing in the morning and 5mg around 4pm.

My first question: Will i get the same effects by administering the same dose throughout the entire 30 days or is it recommend to start light and increase throughout? I was not looking to do an 8-12 week cycle.

My second question: Can anyone verify the quality of IRC.BIO products? I hear good things about sarms1 but they did not have liquid form i was looking for.

If anyone can help I would appreciate it. Thanks folks.
I would scrap the entire thing. You are going to get nothing out of a 4 week cycle at a pretty low dose. I guess not nothing but it will be very minimal. Not sure about your source since I have not used them.
that literally makes no sense whatsoever.. save your money... irc is pure garbage.. i have so many damn complaints about them its starting to get disturbing... dont waste time and money running any sarm 4 weeks... thats far beyond pointless
Thanks for all the input gents. I will save up for an 8 week cycle. Is the 10mg dose split twice a day for 8 weeks proper ?
it should really be ran 12 weeks and its not a split dose.. where are you getting this info bro???
You need a better source, and you need to run it properly which is 20mg per day for 12 weeks
Hey guys,

I wasn’t looking to go all out yet in my first cycle. I want to test the waters here but my budget is tight. I can order two bottles of rad and a mini pct but am limited to that. 10mg/ed for 60 days. 600mg total. How’s this ?
Thanks for all your help Guys.
i would just hold off for now bro... it doesnt make sense to me... you can do that if you want, but i just dont recommend things to people that dont make sense but its ultimately your decision so you run it however you want...
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