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  1. M

    LGD + Enclomiphene + Ralox

    Hey everyone! I decided I will start my first cycle soon (as soon as gear arrives). My cycle would consist of: 5mg LGD ED 3.125mg Enclomiphene Twice a day (midday and before sleep) 15mg Raloxifene ED (To prevent gyno, as enclomiphene raises T, and LGD drops SHBG, so I'm afraid it would lead to...
  2. A

    First Cycle Help/Log

    Hello everyone, For my first run, I want to cycle of Rad140 for 4-weeks starting May 1st and will be updating here weekly. I plan on administering 10mg/ED for a total of 30 days. 5mg first thing in the morning and 5mg around 4pm. My first question: Will i get the same effects by administering...
  3. D

    Judge my cycle please

    hello guys, so I've been offered a cycle by a friend to run for 2 months or so and i would like to know what you guys think of what he's offering me to take, wether its a good cycle that i could build quality muscle with or is he trying to be a wise guy. I've seen dylan's videos on each roid...
  4. R


    I'm looking for quality anavar, masteron, and sustanon. I'm new to the the forum so u guys are going to have to help me out with who's reputable. I've questioned if my anavar is fake... I've heard some people say that anavar doesn't even come in 50 mg caps which is what I have. Feedback...
  5. AsapSlim

    can someone guesstimate my body fat?

    Stats- 33 5'9 180 I have calipers and done the pinch fold test, I keep getting different numbers but it's always around 15% (I'm still learning) can a more experienced boy builder give me a estimate?
  6. T

    Need some help with my first cycle.

    New to this forum and would like to get some feedback. I am working on structuring my first cycle and I was told by a pro IFBB that I should run 500 test and 500 deca for twelve weeks to put weight on. Let me go back alittle I previously ran an all anavar cycle based on her recommendation. Come...
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