Umbrella Labs SARMS Shred Log with Dylan Gemelli!

Let me start by saying I truly appreciate all the comments and support... You guys are always so great to me with words of encouragement and support and I cannot express my gratitude enough...

I finished the week off with my strongest area which is shoulders and traps and also biceps... My shoulders have always been, far and away, my best body part for strength and growth... At my very very best (although on a much heavier cycle and me being nearly 30 lbs bigger) I was pressing 105 lb. dumbbells for sets of 10... Im nowhere near that now but I was happy to put up 70's for sets of 10, showing a lot of progress... I put my shoulders through a very strenuous workout and I feel like it shows... I have always said that S4 will provide more strength than any other sarm and this cycle is a prime example of this... I am so happy with the results so far and have plenty of progress to be made! Here is another pic update for the week!

Today was a great start to the week... Monday is always a great day for my 10 mile run since I have had two days to rest my legs and today was a great one, very smooth, felt tremendous and it went by quickly... My strength was great and there was more progress made on increasing weights on everything... Today was chest, back and triceps.... my back, especially saw a nice increase in weights on every movement I did today... I did some different tricep movements today, using 35lb. plates for tricep kickbacks superset with bench press... I should be at 225x10 in the next few weeks on bench... im doing well with 205x10... So I am at least getting to a somewhat respectable level there... It was a great workout again today and I am seeing more size as well... Here are a few more pics from today...

Today was shoulder day which we all know is my best and generally favorite day... Of course my toe was giving me a ton of issues today but i still made it through my run... Some days I have to just do elliptical and when i do that, instead of a 10 mile run, i do about 17-18 miles on the elliptical, which ends up being 105 minutes... its not the most fun thing in the world but its all good! Strength was up on all lifts today and my weight is up a bit more as well so i am definitely on a great path... you can see in pics today that there is consistent growth and very strong vascularity going on! Just wanted to give a few more pics! Thank you again for all the support!

You are a constant inspiration for us all sir! Great work and it is an honor to follow along!
I have feeling really really good about where things are going... My strength is continuously going up as is my motivation... The more results I see, the hunger for more is there... Its a constant addiction and desire to make more and more progress... I am in a great place in terms of mentally on my lifts, workouts etc... I have seen an even more significant increase in all lifts this week and you can see the changes below in my 30 days picture change... Obviously the part on the left is where I am now and on the right is where I was only 30 days ago... It is obviously a significant change and I am just getting going! Every day is a day I take advantage of and try to get the absolute most out of what I am doing! Thank you to everyone for the constant support!

I just wanted to thank everyone once again for the continuous words of encouragement and support... Here are pics from Friday as I finished up my first month on cycle... I am beyond pleased with the current results but realize I have a very long way to go!

Dylan you are good looking and very strong muscle base, the progress is amazing.
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