Lgd 4033 first


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Hey guys. So I'm 4 weeks in using 10mg of lgd and 25mg mk677. Felt amazing up until a few days ago. Just feeling unmotivated, lethargic, slight decrease in libido. Sounds like mild suppression to me. I wasn't anticipating this reaction. As of today I'm splitting the doses in an attempt to keep blood levels more stable? Upon further investigation, a lot of ped users recommend a test base, and I know very little about using test, and I'm definitely not comfortable pinning at this stage in the game. Any input or advice is greatly appreciated. I'm considering dermacrine, but there's very little info online about it. I was also considering 4 andro, but there seems to be tons of negative sides with that.


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you dont need a test base and splitting the dose wont do a thing... where did you get your lgd and where is your bloodwork proving you are that suppressed?