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Hey everyone, first time post. Want to start off by saying thanks for all of the info on here.

Lots of great stuff, seems like Dylan and Rick are full of tons of information.

I?m 34, ran collegiate cross country and track. After my last season (22 yo) I decided I wanted to make lifting my new mode of staying fit. Since that point, I have been a die-hard gym rat. I lift 5 days/week religiously and have a pretty solid diet.
I?ve been on a plateau for what seems like years now. After joining a really solid barbell gym, I?m noticing some gains but also was recently exposed to these things called ?SARMS?. I'm 5'10"; 175 lbs; close to 8% bf.

After my workout, I immediately went from the gym to the supplement store that was recommended (local privately owned) and got the full run down from the owner on a ?stack? that would suit exactly what I was looking for. I did ZERO research and bought a ton of stuff just based off the owners advise. Without question, super impulsive (and dumb). 1,000% my bad. I get it.

Upon getting home and researching what I just bought, I got somewhat spooked. I did not expect that I would be able to walk into a store and buy this stuff. I thought this kind of thing was only for those that had an ?in? with a source.

What I bought/the ?stack? he recommended:

Weeks 1-4
Stendrol 10 - 1 in the am / 1 pm
Andro-e (I think referred to as 1-Andro) - 100mg 1 in the am / 1 pm
Ostarine (Lawless labs) - 1 am / 2 pm
Weeks 4-8
Stenadrol ? 1 am/1 pm
Andro-e ? 1 am/2 pm
Ostarine ? 2 am / 2 pm
*In addition he suggested a liver support 2x per day, and a ?Dimolish? estrogen control 2x per day.

Now that I have done a considerable amount of research, I am getting interested in the science behind this and curious to see how it would impact me if I were to do a cycle. Regardless of whether I do or not, I actually just went and did a full blood panel to get all of my levels. Figured a baseline is smart.
My question now is what should I take? (I also bought Testolone (RAD140) that he said to use in my second cycle). After cruising numerous other threads, I am interested in a solo-run of the Ostarine, but it always seems like others recommend something called "gw" with it? It seems like there is a lot of negativity around the 1-Andro, so I think I would definitely drop that (Dylan seems to suggest not using it). I also think the Stenadrol 10 is some serious stuff and would plan to drop that as well. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

- BP
Ya man unfortunately most if not all SARMS bought in a supp store are just prohormones disguised as SARMS. I don?t sable in the Sarm game anymore but I would recommend the SARMS from the sponsors of this site and throw away what you bought from the shop or try and return them.

GW is a great addition to literally anything I loved it every time I ran it. GW is not really a Sarm even tho it?s it?s the same category. It will help you lose burn fat instead of muscle as well as drastically increase your cardio output.

Osterine is a good starter SARM minimal suppression but does require a mini PCT.
Man that sucks... Not sure this makes a difference, but it was not a GNC or anything like that - it was a privately owned place. They seemed pretty focused on SARMs/PH... IS Lawless Labs known to be a PH? Either way, I'm glad you mentioned it. I've read a lot of threads that appear ppl thought they were taking SARMs but the effects seemed to be more likely to be a PH.

Also, if I were to do a cycle, a PCT would be a must. No reason to cut the corner.
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A GNC or a vitaminshoppe or any corporate supplements store wouldn?t have SARMS or PH due to them have way more regulation as to what they can even have in the store. Private or non corporate supplements store they just stock whatever they want there not as restricted due to regulations and protocols.

Unsure of the brand nam as I stated earlier I don?t dabble in SARMS anymore but if you got it at the store it?s most certainly not good. I?m sure Dylan will chime in anytime and confirm my theory lol

Good yes a PCT is a must.
you NEVER and i mean NEVER buy a "sarm" at a "supplement shop" bro... ive posted that for years... i would not touch that whatsoever.. its all up to you but i assure you, i see this time and time again...
Thanks guys. I am 100% going to take your advice. It's not worth it to me.

At the end of the day it's my fault for not researching prior. Just wish I would've found this forum first!
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