Transitioning from SARMs cycle to test e cycle


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Is it okay to do a 4 week lgd, Mk2866 and Osterine cycle and then go directly into a 8-10 week test e only cycle without pct in between? A friend of mine is currently on the said cycle and wants to transition into test e 500mg a week for 8-10wk period at the end of the 4 week sarms cycle and then do his PCT at the end of the test e cycle.
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literally makes no sense whatsoever.. first of all, mk2866 IS ostarine... second, a 4 week cycle is absolutely pointless... you dont have any sort of idea what you are doing man and you are going to end up hurting yourself
4 weeks of anything is a waste period. Test cycles should be 12 weeks. Doesn’t sound like your ready for drama or gear honestly
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