Lgd 10 mg dose once in 2 days as 5mg not available

Stephen stokes

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Hey ,Dylan I am starting to run lgd4033 cycle at 5mg a day but The sarm I have got has 10 mg pills so should I consider taking 10mg once in 2 days to get 5 mg dosage. I am going to run a lgd only cycle for 12 weeks in which first 5 weeks 5mg and next 7 weeks 10 mg a day
are you a female? 10 mg per day is the standard dose for a male so unless you are a female, you run 10 mg per day...
thats completely wrong... 5 weeks is absolutely pointless and 10 mg is the dose for a man to run, whether you've used them or not.. i would just hold off honestly... .it doesnt really sound like you are ready for this... you should stick around here and get more education on this first
im not misunderstanding anything... 5 mg is a female dose, as ive said now... if you are not a female, you run it at 10 mg... you dont need to run it at 5 whatsoever
Sorry Bro I think you misunderstood my point what I am saying is
1. I am 25 year old male
2. Should I run 5 mg for 5 weeks and then dose it to 10 mg for next 7 weeks for my 12 weeks lgd only cycle
3. Or should I just dose 10 mg right from the beginning for 12 weeks.

#3 bro... 10mg right from the beginning for 12 weeks. I don't think Dylan can make it any clearer for you to understand.
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