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    Can I take SARMs and roids together and just start bulking up right away? Some one told me that sarms are way safer than roids. Also I feel way less queezy and also more like, mentally stable lol. are pretty knowledgable and have good customer support.
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    New to Sarms (Help!)

    Hi, Although, I'm new to this site I've been at the gym for a few years now and while I'm familiar with Sarms, however, I have had no past experience with them. Does anyone know where or how I could acquire them in the UK? As far as I can tell ESARMS does not do shipping to Europe as of yet so...
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    LEGIT SARMS and Hair Loss

    Good day, are there any chances to have hair loss using REAL LEGIT SARMS? If yes, can you please provide a list of SARMS that actually does that? Both my dad and brother have lost hairs due to genetics and I am planning to start using SARMS and avoid the use of steroids. Thanks everyone for help!
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    First SARM cycle one year post op gyno surgery

    Im 27 and have been lifting consistantly the passed 5 years or so. I had surgery about 1 year ago for gyno ive had since puberty (gland removal/lipo). I am now considering running a sarm cycle of purely ostarine so I can see how my body responds to it. I'd obviously get my blood work down...
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    SARMS Cycle Recommendations for Husband / Wife

    Seeking two separate cycle recommendations for husband and wife Wife first: 34 yo, 5'0, 110, 16.8% BF, 86.2 muscle mass, 5 years lifting experience Goal: 'Fitness' Pro-Am competition in April (26 weeks away) Diet: 95% clean diet, 6 meals a day, meal plan created by an accomplished WBFF coach...
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    Anyone heard or used Bodybuilt Labs Sarms?

    Has anyone used Bodybuilt Labs Sarms? They have a extensive product range, have a instagram account, and have a reasonable review on here: They also use Colmaric Analyticals as their 3rd party testers of their products...
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    Sarms and drug test.

    Hello guys, I am a Powerlifter and been thinking about taking rad-140 sarm for some strength gains. I am so close to breaking my national junior record in deadlift and bench, so I'd take it just to boost my strength just a little bit. I don't know how long it takes for rad to completely...
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    Gyno advice needed - First SARM Cycle

    Hi, I have decided to give sarms a try after training natural for a few years... but I have a problem with gyno since puberty and it seems to have grown i got out of shape a few years back (going up to 30% bodyfat). I am around 20% bodyfat at the moment and want to start a cycle of ostarine. I...
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    Transitioning from SARMs cycle to test e cycle

    Is it okay to do a 4 week lgd, Mk2866 and Osterine cycle and then go directly into a 8-10 week test e only cycle without pct in between? A friend of mine is currently on the said cycle and wants to transition into test e 500mg a week for 8-10wk period at the end of the 4 week sarms cycle and...
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    Hey guys. I heard by word of mouth from a friend that has been re-opened and are selling sarms domestically again. I purchased from them a little under a year ago before they shut down and was very pleased with a lot of their products. But before I jump the gun I wanted to bring the...
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    Need help

    i have just started a cycle with anavar 50mg, ostarine 15mg, gw 501516 10mg, sr9009 20mg. do you think its a bad idea mixing var with sarms would i get a complete shut down after 6 weeks ? I am taking milk thistle once a day and arimadex once evrey 3 days. Also my pct is clomid and nolvadex with...
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    Help with Sarms

    I have going to run a cycle of sarms brought from Nxt Levl Nutrition, it is their 3 in 1 Mass Sarms and I have a question on cycle time, i have read that “if you run a cycle for 8 weeks or less there’s no point, you will lose all your gains you must run the cycle for 12 weeks” is that accurate...
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    Lgd 4033 first

    Hey guys. So I'm 4 weeks in using 10mg of lgd and 25mg mk677. Felt amazing up until a few days ago. Just feeling unmotivated, lethargic, slight decrease in libido. Sounds like mild suppression to me. I wasn't anticipating this reaction. As of today I'm splitting the doses in an attempt to keep...
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    Sarms with Test/Tren cycle?

    Hey guys, just curious as to whether or not it would be beneficial to run LGD or GW50156 concurrent with a future test/tren cycle? To me, it seems as if it would just be an added stress on the body and the risk/reward wouldn’t be worth it. If so, would it be best to add it in towards the end of...
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    Sarms bloodwork

    Hi I got bloodwork done before my sarms cycle, at the end of it and I’m just wondering how long after PCT would you wait to get them done again due to clomid half life? (Clomid run at 50/50/25/25) Thanks
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    Question about SR9009 stock

    Hi Pharma Lady Rep. Do you know when you will have SR9009 in stock? Best regards
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    Thoughts on stacking 3 in 1 sarms capsules

    I recently bought a bottle of SP Mass Research 3 in 1 Sarms capsules(ligandrol, testelone, YK-11). I want to stack cardarine with it also. Thoughts on if I should stack it with the 3 in 1 or add it to my pct.
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    1st SARMs Experience

    Hey guys, I'm looking to do my 1st SARMs stack and would like to know what you think. How well do LGD-4033, RAD-140, and MK-677 stack. Not looking to make massive gains, but would like some help getting over a plateau. Never used anything stronger than prohormones in the past. Much...
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    Lgd 10 mg dose once in 2 days as 5mg not available

    Hey ,Dylan I am starting to run lgd4033 cycle at 5mg a day but The sarm I have got has 10 mg pills so should I consider taking 10mg once in 2 days to get 5 mg dosage. I am going to run a lgd only cycle for 12 weeks in which first 5 weeks 5mg and next 7 weeks 10 mg a day
  20. Y

    High cholesterol

    My cholesterol levels had been perfect but since I started on Sarms about 6 months ago my labs came back yesterday extremely elevated into the high risk category. Is this a side effect?