Mid cycle headaches, Rad 140 and LGD


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What's up. On week 4 of 10 week cycle. Dosage so far is:

Week 1: 5 mg ED of Rad and LGD
Week 2: 10 mg ED " " " "
Week 3: 12 mg ED " " " "
Week 4: 15 mg ED " " " "

Ever since I started taking 15mg I've been getting extremely painful headaches. The weird part is I only get headaches during sex/masturbation.

Since these sides came up, I've dropped the dose by 50% and the sides are still present just not as intense.

My blood pressure has definitely increased, dont remember the results right now. I'll look them up later.

Has anyone experienced headaches on these compounds?

BTW these were purchased from Umbrella Labs. Thanks for your time.
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yeah, your problem is your source... not to mention you are beyond clueless on how to run a proper pct... you NEVER use hcg in pct.. you have a shit source and thats kind of known about them in some parts.... i realize they have low prices but that can be a trigger to show you that you are getting shit as well
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