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    RAD140 higher dose? Or stop

    I started my first cycle of RAD140 and GW. Been doing 20mg of each per day since Nov 28, 2023 I immediately felt the GW. Like I was running with an O2 tank strapped on my back. But have felt almost nothing nor noticed and gains or strength increases from the RAD140. No muscle pumps. Back...
  2. E

    first cycle just touching base

    21 male 6ft1 207lbs low 20% BF getting LGD and a PCT of nolva in mail wanting to know how long to run and what diet i should be on to fully utilise i will start on 5mg and work up as it is my rats first cycle
  3. N

    Mid cycle headaches, Rad 140 and LGD

    What's up. On week 4 of 10 week cycle. Dosage so far is: Week 1: 5 mg ED of Rad and LGD Week 2: 10 mg ED " " " " Week 3: 12 mg ED " " " " Week 4: 15 mg ED " " " " Ever since I started taking 15mg I've been getting extremely painful headaches. The...
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    Lgd 10 mg dose once in 2 days as 5mg not available

    Hey ,Dylan I am starting to run lgd4033 cycle at 5mg a day but The sarm I have got has 10 mg pills so should I consider taking 10mg once in 2 days to get 5 mg dosage. I am going to run a lgd only cycle for 12 weeks in which first 5 weeks 5mg and next 7 weeks 10 mg a day
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    Mk-2866 mk-677 lgd-4033??

    Hey everyone, I recently purchased my second stack of MK-2866 and LGD-4033 but received MK-2866 and MK-677. I was told I would be sent out LGD-4033 and to keep the MK-677 and run it altogether. I've done a bit of research on MK-677 and it doesn't very safe from what I've read... Anyone have any...
  6. R

    Considering this cycle..

    Age: 21 Height: 5'9" Weight: 185 Body fat: %16-20 (bulking season lol) Years of training: 5 Previous cycle: 25mg/day of LGD4033 for 8 weeks with a 4 week pct that overlapped the last two weeks of the LGD4033. Ran this cycle back to back when I was 19 and ignorant. I now understand how this is a...
  7. K

    First timer - LGD-4033 and something else?

    Hey Dylan, Been following a lot of your threads and have found a lot of helpful information, thank you for that. I have just received my first ever bottle of LGD-4033. I have only dosed two days, but I can't help thinking I should have added another SARM to my stack. I was thinking GW-501516? I...
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    My Lgd4033 + MK677 Experience

    80.8kg 8-10week cycle 10mg lgd per day 25mg mk 677 per day Week 1 - 84.8kg, have noticed really good pumps. Must be holding water weight. Strength has increased, example my dumbbell incline bench went from 6 reps at 42.5kg to 10reps at 42.5kg. Appetite also increased. First 5 days AM...
  9. A

    Lgd 4033 review

    Currently waiting for everything to come in but I plan on doing a 12 week cycle of lgd 4033 at 10mg a day and liquid clomid 50/50/25/25 for pct. My question is is there anything else i need to take during cycle or post cycle? Estrogen blocker? Mybe gw? Also, is it ok to drink during a cycle? I...
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    LGD 4033 & S4: Reviews? Suggestions?

    I will be running LGD 4033(10mg/day) and S4 for 12 weeks(25mg/morning 25mg/noon). This will be my first cycle and I have been researching non-stop for about 2 months now. At this point I feel over-saturated with everything I am reading. I am very aware of all the benefits for size that this will...
  11. J

    Need help with pct

    I started taking LGD 4033 about three weeks ago and I want to add in s4 for more strength how long should I run these for and what should my pct look like. also should I use gw during my cycle or with my post cycle? Thanks!
  12. B

    Sarm Bulking cycle

    Hello Dylan and my fellow gym brothers. I finally decided to go on a cycle after researching a lot about sarms and watching dylan's videos about each and every sarm i'm going to write about. I decided to use sarms to see how much size i could put more ontop of my body right now and by the looks...
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    Lgd 4033

    I have recently come across the SARM LGD 4033 or Ligandrol. I have seen many claims of how it can add up to 10 pounds of lean mass per month and that it has little to no side effects. If this is the case then why are more athletes and fitness pros taking this SARM?
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    Fatty starting cycle

    So I am in my late 30's 230lbs 30%bf with Asthma - this bf needs to go. cleaned up my diet to only essential macros, down to 1700 cals. been putting in the sarms research and this is what I have put together, that will reverse the past 15 years to poor health. SR9009...
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