My Lgd4033 + MK677 Experience


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8-10week cycle
10mg lgd per day
25mg mk 677 per day

Week 1 -
84.8kg, have noticed really good pumps. Must be holding water weight. Strength has increased, example my dumbbell incline bench went from 6 reps at 42.5kg to 10reps at 42.5kg. Appetite also increased.
First 5 days AM administrated mixed in mouth with grape juice (no taste) slept good.
Remaining 2 days administered before bed (did not sleep, never doing that again) also apetite wasn't as strong.

Week 2-
86.8kg after training, i still get very serious pumps, i havent tested my strength levels as of yet as I have been training isolation movements for the week.
Taking LGD4033 and MK677 still in the mornings (630am) sleeping alot better because of this aswell. Appetite is still through the roof but it has just become 2nd nature to eat more than usual.
I have noticed I am out of breath alot more than usual, (side note, i currently do not do any cardio however I will start to implement some post weights)
Pre existing injuries still arise on occasion despite MK677 claims of helping with injuries but the cycle isn't over yet.

Week 3-
85.8kg Interesting week.. first things first, i want to add in that I have been undertaking a 15 day plateau breaker program which consists of training 15 days straight. So my training has slightly been affected because how tired I have been and also i decided to minimise my caffeine intake before training.
Well.. first time in a while I went out for a few drinks my hands and feet were so swollen ive never experienced this before, unfortunately it also affected my diet big time.
Appetite wasn't as intense through the week either, i did hear a rumour that our bodies may become tolerant to mk677 so 2 weeks on 2 days off. So I decided to take 2 days off over the weekend (end of week 3)to test this theory.. (results in week 4)

Week 4 -
86kg appetite has increased since taking the 2 days off, quite surprised with the outcome. Weight gain has slowed down how ever, will consider increasing calories into my diet.

Following weeks to come..