high blood pressure

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    Mid cycle headaches, Rad 140 and LGD

    What's up. On week 4 of 10 week cycle. Dosage so far is: Week 1: 5 mg ED of Rad and LGD Week 2: 10 mg ED " " " " Week 3: 12 mg ED " " " " Week 4: 15 mg ED " " " " Ever since I started taking 15mg I've been getting extremely painful headaches. The...
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    high blood pressure and breathlessness on Lgd and Rad

    Hi guys Im 42 and started my bulk cycle 3 weeks ago today. Lgd 4033 12mg / rad 140 20mg / mk677 10mg ( all german pharmaceuticals ) I have put on 11 pounds in that 3 weeks with most of that being muscle size with just a bit of fat also. The problem is my blood pressure has gone up, this...
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    VERY HIGH blood pressure from Steroids

    Hi guys, Dylan thank you so much for your videos and this forum, I've reallly learned so much from you! I started a cycle 4 weeks ago on a low dosages: - Dbol 20mg/per day (4 weeks) - Test En 300mg/per week - Deca 350mg/per week 3 weeks into the cycle I started getting really bad headaches...