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  1. SARMsAssassin

    SARMs Enthusiasts, Help Me Optimize My 12-Week Cycle with RAD-140, ACP-105, and S-4

    What's up everyone! I'm thrilled to be joining this forum as a newcomer to SARMs and the forum community as a whole. I'm eager to learn from those of you who have years of experience with SARMs and forum posting. To give some background, my only previous experience with SARMs was a short 6-week...
  2. tomanhtai

    New to Sarms

    Hi guys. I'm new to this. I have searched a lot of websites that selling these products and i found Is it legit and deliver high quality sarms or not. i'm looking for Rad-140 and GW-501516 for cutting cycle. After that cycle how to keep gains and natural PCT needed...
  3. D

    I'm new to SARMS

    (Sorry for bad english in advance) So I wanted to take sarm to boost my performance in the gym and suppostedly actually gain a noticeable muscle mass as my progress so far has been very slow even with a personal veteran trainer for 2 years. But sarm are both new and rare in my area and all...
  4. I

    First stack- thinking about mk 677 and rad 140

    Hey all, so with my work and opportunities coming up I need to pack on a little muscle while staying as lean as I can in the process. A good friend of mine had great results with this stack, even had some pretty significant facial hair thickening (would definitely be a plus for what’s coming...
  5. N

    Mid cycle headaches, Rad 140 and LGD

    What's up. On week 4 of 10 week cycle. Dosage so far is: Week 1: 5 mg ED of Rad and LGD Week 2: 10 mg ED " " " " Week 3: 12 mg ED " " " " Week 4: 15 mg ED " " " " Ever since I started taking 15mg I've been getting extremely painful headaches. The...
  6. C

    First SARM Cycle

    What's up guys, pretty new here and looking for advice. I'm looking to start my first SARM cycle in about a month. I am currently thinking I want to take RAD 140 on an 8-12 week cycle. Is this too harsh of a SARM for a first cycle? Am I better off starting with MK-2866 or LGD 4033? Also, should...
  7. L

    Help!!! Need some enlightenment

    I am on week 4 of a product called osta lean by muscle torque. It contains a chemical name called 3b-hydroxy-5a-androst-17-one at 100mg per serving with recommended of 3 serving daily. The product also contains (2s)-3-(4-cyanophenoxy)-n- 4-cyano-3-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl...
  8. S

    Sarms PCT advice?

    Hi guys, first post so go easy ;) i'm about to start my first Sarms cycle at the age of 47 and would like to get my PCT in place before I start. i'm going to be running MK677 ongoing for a while with a 10 week run of RAD140 at 20mg per day. At the end of the RAD140 I will start using an over...
  9. J

    RAD 140 PCT Struggles - Totally neccessary?

    Took RAD 140 and MK-677 together for about 5 weeks (20ml each). Saw HUGE gains right away, however I cut the cycle short because I started feeling sort of a soreness and discomfort in the thyroid area and assumed that it might have been causing some adverse reaction. I got on 50ml Clomid right...
  10. D

    1andro and sarms

    Hey guys, I'm on my very first cycle, and I started on S4, and a RAD140 cycle for a cut and its going well, but prior to starting, my buddy said I should add 1-andro (Chosen1 from Blackstone Labs) into the stack. I've been using it for about a week, but saw online that it may cause way more...
  11. D

    is my stack ok????

    ive been going strong for about a year all nat i went from 157lbs to 185 i just ordered my first cycle of sarms i ordered MK-2866 RAD140 GW501516 LGD-3303 is this a good stack and what all do i need to do for a successful cycle??
  12. J

    Need info on SARM cycle, appreciate any help!

    I was suggested to get rad-140 and lgd-4033. Get two of each and take one of the droppers a day in the morning. This is all the information my friend in the navy gave me before his ship left port. I would really apprciate some more information. What's the most reliable source to buy them...
  13. B

    Quick Question on LGD Hair shed

    Hi Guys, Let me start by stating that upon the word of Dylan and Rick, SARMS do not seem to affect the hair follicles to anywhere near the extent of the more potent anabolics. I also respect their opinion and advice 100%. With that said: Before taking ISARMS LGD and Ostarine Recently, due to...
  14. N

    high blood pressure and breathlessness on Lgd and Rad

    Hi guys Im 42 and started my bulk cycle 3 weeks ago today. Lgd 4033 12mg / rad 140 20mg / mk677 10mg ( all german pharmaceuticals ) I have put on 11 pounds in that 3 weeks with most of that being muscle size with just a bit of fat also. The problem is my blood pressure has gone up, this...
  15. T

    Bulking phase

    Currently I am on a cutting phase and I wanted to know what the best stack would be to run for a clean bulk . Btw last cycle I just ran rad with lgd but any other info would be great such as nutrobal etc. also I am only running 2-3 more cycles after this one .
  16. J

    RAD-140 ---Questions about Running just ONE SARM ----

    For now on I will be sticking to just ONE sarm - RAD-140. Running multiple sarms in the past has caused my acne to worsen significantly - as I am VERY acne prone - and spread out across my whole upper body. Hopefully by sticking to just RAD (and GW of course), I can limit suppression and related...
  17. K

    RAD-140 vs S4 - Which is best for a Recomp?

    As the title states, I am comparing these two because they are similarly priced on SARMSX. 1. Which is more versatile/best for recomp? 2. which is better for a lean bulk? 3. ALSO: Can RAD-140 be stacked with LGD for a bulk, or are they too strong to combine?
  18. T

    How long can I take in between dosing if I miss an am and go to work

    Hi I missed my am dosing for rad 140 and LGD . Now I know LGD can be dosed every 24-36 hours but what about rad ? Will this be ok?
  19. B

    Take it easy on the new guy

    Greetings to all and God bless I am 39 year old male dealing with moderate back pain and a shoulder surgery. I wanted to make my trips to the gym very compact and effective. I work in concrete heavy highway and want to retain some of the vigor of my youth. So I wanted to try rad 140 mk 2866 gw...
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