1andro and sarms


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Hey guys,

I'm on my very first cycle, and I started on S4, and a RAD140 cycle for a cut and its going well, but prior to starting, my buddy said I should add 1-andro (Chosen1 from Blackstone Labs) into the stack. I've been using it for about a week, but saw online that it may cause way more suppression than its worth. I unfortunately didn't do research on 1-andro prior to the cycle, and took my buddies word for granted.

I have naturally semi-low testosterone, so I'm a bit worried. Have I already fucked up my cycle? Should I stop taking the 1-andro, and take a natural testosterone booster with the S4 and RAD140? or should I add armistane? Or should I hop right on PCT to avoid any future issues.

I've felt pretty strong at the gym this past week at 230 protein, 210 carb, and 70 fat, but that could very well be just the SARMS, and nothing to do with the andro.

My stats are:
23 years old
20% Body fat percentage
210 lbs
3 years of training
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