Quick Question on LGD Hair shed


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Hi Guys,

Let me start by stating that upon the word of Dylan and Rick, SARMS do not seem to affect the hair follicles to anywhere near the extent of the more potent anabolics. I also respect their opinion and advice 100%. With that said:

Before taking ISARMS LGD and Ostarine
Recently, due to some noticeable hair loss (Im 21), ive tried to make an average hair shed count per shower and worked it out as 40 hairs in each daily shower.

After ISARMS LGD and Ostarine arrived

over the next two weeks, my average hairs shed per daily shower increased from around 40 to 55. It is important to note that I have not changed anything in my diet, traiing, supplement or lifestyle routine. I can vouch for the quality of the products because I sourced them all from ISARMS and have used their Cardarine these past few weeks with some great progress being made.


Although i understand that Anabolic/Androgenic ratios are fairly ineplicable for humans and therefore are not of much use or accuracy. But just out of curiosity, I was wondering whether you guys think that changing to using just RAD-140 (which technically has the most "favorable" A/A ratio of 90:1) may help to get rid of the shedding that I am unexpectedly experiencing from the LGD and Ostarine, due to the lower androgenic properties of RAD-140?



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thats what i would try first because sarms do not generally ever cause hair loss especially not 2866 nor lgd... so you can try to make the change but this is NOT a common occurrence and it sounds as though you already had an issue... so you actually physically count each and every hair?? every morning you count 40 pieces of hair shed and now you are saying it rose to 55 and you literally count them every day?


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I don't see how you are counting every hair lost. That seems damn near impossible to calculate with any type of certainty, but regardless you can try switching to RAD and seeing how that does for you, but Hair loss is not something that is associated with sarms use whatsoever