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So I posted a few weeks back about missing bloods by a week.. so 1 week in I got them done.. stupid mistake but yeah, everything was in the normal range except test at 214 and estradiol at 43.. id like to even then out.. test back up a little estro back down a little any help would be awesome, still on cycle btw 10 mg ldg
Real lgd shouldn?t impact estrogen levels.

Lgd is mildly suppressive so if you want to get your test back up stop taking it and run a pct.

Only way you can raise your test is to inject test when running a compound like lgd that can suppress but doesn?t raise test levels.
I don?t do SARMS but I always recommend running a test booster or good test boosting combo of supplements while on a SARM cycle. They are cheap enough and make a pretty big difference in my opinion.
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