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Currently I am about 5'6 140 lbs with lower than 15% body fat easily. I have been heavier but that was in high school playing football. I have been working out regularly about 5-6 times a week for about 6 years now and just want to go the the next level. I am looking to put on some serious size, it doesn't have to be too quick im okay with taking time however I really want to see the weight gains of around 50 lbs (of also mostly keepable gains that I can then cut for physique) by the time im done, maybe over the next 6-9 months even longer maybe with the cycle starting that rode. Wondering if first of all that is a realistic goal and second any cycle recommendations along with post cycle recommendations. I have been looking through and am thinking of trying something to the effect of running with a test ester (not sure which one), Anadrol kickstart, and a growth hormone. I also need help with dosage, I honestly dont want to go with too much as I dont want to run into a lot of side effects whether short term or long term.

So basically Im looking for advice with:

1.)what combo?
2.)what dosage?
3.)realistic goal?
4.)post cycle?
5.) what ester?

Thanks all


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What's your age?

And bump Joe, no 1 gains 50 pounds in less than a year.

Also no one is going to design a complete cycle for can very easily google "1st cycle" and "How do esters work?"


how could anyone tell you what to run on a second cycle before you have even seen how a first cycle treats you

you don't want to go too much dosage BUT you want super human results (add 50lbs to a 140lb frame) in a short ... you realize a that's 33% addition to your weight...which would be a doubling of your muscle mass have a lot to learn...including the ability to think old are you?
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50 lbs is just absurd and you need to come down to the planet earth and join the rest of us... how old are you man


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50 lbs? Ok should be able to get that in about 12 years if everything goes perfectly


Dam 50lb! 🙂.. the most i have done was like 20 but only kept 15 3 months.. be more realistic brother. Its not a race! Plus whats the rush enjoy the journey..

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