First Cycle 3 weeks in


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Hey guys,

I’m 3 weeks into my very first cycle (Test E 300mg a week) of 12 weeks. I’m pinning twice a week. Yesterday I noticed very mild nipple sensitivity and was just curious if that’s normal as long as it doesn’t get worse? I’m not taking an AI at the moment.

I’ve scheduled my mid cycle blood work at week 6. My estradiol pre cycle came in at 23.3, Testosterone 507 and free test 9.2

I’m 40 yo. Appreciate the help and any suggestions you guys have
no absolutely it should not be happening
it's an indicator that your estrogen is out of control
you need to either lower your dose of testosterone or raise your anti estrogen
bros You don't want to end up with bitch tits get on your anti-estrogen immediately
why aren't you taking anything for estrogen that doesn't make any sense or running too much testosterone
anything above a trt dose of testosterone you should be running an anti estrogen
let us know where your blood work shows your estrogen at I bet it's high
good chance you're going to end up with gynecomastia if you don't fix this immediately is the place if you want aromatase inhibitors, they have a lot of options to choose from
Total newb mistake. I misunderstood Gemelli’s video and thought the AI was used only based on the mid cycle bloodwork if needed.

I started with Aromasin 12.5 EOD today. Bloodwork in a few weeks. Let me know if you guys have any other advice.
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