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Im in my teens and i am well aware of the dangers of steroid use in adolecence. That being said can anyone tell me if sarms will cause similar problems. I know they cause some suppresion but not much. Will sarms cause me to stop growing and get gyno. I was planning on doing a cycle of MK- 2866 but i decided to do more research first.
We dont advise teens to use sarms either, and we generally recommend waiting until at least 20 before using them. Teen years is just too young to mess with your endocrine system, even with the mild suppression from sarms
noone with any sort of a brain is going to advise ANY ped use to someone in their teens, period... you need to stick to whey, bcaas and maybe even creatine but ped's are completely out of the question... thats up to you on whether or not you are willing to wreck yourself in your teens which i would think you would not want to do...
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