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  1. Chgo1962

    DECA/TEST or there's a better but safe choice?

    I am a hard gainer, I want to take some steroids to help to bulk up but I've been a bit resistant with some advice since I don't want to do anything that could compromise my health. Your videos helped me to decline Dbol, I had a month of Tbol (plus test) with some results but, my enzymes went...
  2. R

    New Member Into

    Hey guys, glad to be here.Not sure if I am posting in the right section, still figuring out the forum. After watching so many of Dylans and by his recommendation, finally a member to the forum! Very excited to learn and pickup things from fellow members. Currently running my first cycle...
  3. RUCingdsgainz

    New user in search of advice, PCT?

    New to gear although have been lifting for over 8 years. Ran test prop and tren Ace for three weeks and am going to finish cycle with test and tren E. what should I do for PCT? Run sarms as a bridge between cycles?? Any info greatly appreciated
  4. M

    Teen Sarm use

    Im in my teens and i am well aware of the dangers of steroid use in adolecence. That being said can anyone tell me if sarms will cause similar problems. I know they cause some suppresion but not much. Will sarms cause me to stop growing and get gyno. I was planning on doing a cycle of MK- 2866...
  5. R

    SARMS for Women

    Hi, I've been listening to the Dylan Gemelli YouTube videos on SARMS and SARMS for women and they're extremely informative - so thank you Dylan for these! I'm looking to try SARMS as a new user, and i'd like some advice on which one / which ones to use. I'm female, a very experienced weight...
  6. V

    New Guy

    Working the gym back into the routine after a layoff the past few years. Three months in on 6 on / 1 off. Looking to work on nutrition and try a first cycle. Trying to learn from the discussions in the forums and keep the discipline up through the coming years. Reviewing forums to get a sense of...
  7. S

    Just purchased Ostabolic MK-2866, new to sarms

    Hey all, I am new to sarms and am about to start my first cycle of Ostabolic. I originally purchased a pill version of MK-2866 from "Diesel Labs" but after reading these threads i tossed the bottle and purchased Ostabolic from sarmsx, as it is my understanding that pill versions of sarms are...
  8. V

    New User first SARMs cycle and questions

    Hello my name is James I'm 25, 5' 9", 200lbs, and eat a very strict diet to lose weight (Mostly veggies and chicken. 1500 calorie diet). I was 235 lbs a few months ago. I workout 4 days a week and do cardio 2 days of the week. I'm looking to get cut/lose body fat, im about 25%bf according to...
  9. R

    New to the forum!

    New here, just wanna see what you all think of a cycle I'm thinking about. Stats: 32y/o,6'2", 205, lifting for 15 years Potential cycle: Test cyp, EQ, Aro. Pct: clo,nolva. This is my second cycle, first was Test tri-blend 500my and Deca 250 I believe, when I was 27. I didn't use a pct! Asked my...
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