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Working the gym back into the routine after a layoff the past few years. Three months in on 6 on / 1 off. Looking to work on nutrition and try a first cycle. Trying to learn from the discussions in the forums and keep the discipline up through the coming years. Reviewing forums to get a sense of how to develop relationships. Appreciate all the knowledge, hope to learn and grow, and open to suggestions for improvement!

Current regimen:
Breakfast - 12 oz milk w/ 2 scoops protein
Lunch - varies
Dinner - 12 oz milk w/ 2 scoops protein
Fruits, bars mixed in between
Just over 1.5 g protein per kg at 6'1 195

Routine, 12 rep sets working towards definition
R - Chest / F -Back / Sa - Legs
Su - Chest / M - Back / T - Legs
W - Off

Next up:
Looking to add 16 wks EQ 300 mg E3D + ETH 150 mg E3D
Arimidex as necessary
Appreciate it! I'll remember to send you a PM once I finish researching a bit and seeing if what I'm thinking is a good direction, you seem to have a stellar reputation on here!
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