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  1. JaySwin

    New Member

    Just thought I'd introduce myself since I'm new here. Looking to get involved and learn as much as I can from the community here. Age: 25 Height: 5'6 Weight: 152 body Fat: 5.6% Years of training: Played sports all my life doing team workouts but the past 3 years have been solely on my own. I...
  2. Mark Diesel

    Request regarding friend who wants to join forum...

    I put one of my best friends onto this forum and told him it's a game changer. He tried to join but said he never received a confirmation email. His username is Jacob.S1 and I have his email too. Just curious if there is anything I could tell him, or an admin could resolve? Thank you
  3. Tommydiesel

    54 year old male introduction:

    54 year old male introduction: Hello and I welcome all advice and guidance. I will try to be as detailed as I possibly can and if there's something I need to explain better please feel free to ask me. I will take your advice and your guidance to help me live long, happy and healthy. I did...
  4. Y

    Zolpidem Tartrate Question, And new user introduction

    Hi Guys Im new to the forum, but ive been a great fan of Dylan's for a few years now. Ive watched almost every vid of his. Thanks for the great info Dylan I do have a few questions. But let me post my stats first. Age: 31 Height : 6 foot Weight : 170 lbs Body fat % : 15 % (Guys at the gym did...
  5. T

    First Cycle of steroids

    Hello everyone, I've never done any type of steroids or any pro hormone. I'm currently curious to start my first cycle at 31 yrs of age. In doing some research and speaking to people I know that do steroids. I've been recommended a 10 week cycle of Winstrol and Test prop. I've read orals can...
  6. L

    New Member

    Hi Guys, Been lurking for a while. Decided to introduce myself. 28 year old male 6ft 180lbs 7%BF. Been weight training for about 8 years now. Fairly new to the world of AAS in the sense tbat ive only ran 3 cycles to date. Currently planning on starting my 4th next month. Just thought id...
  7. R

    New Member Into

    Hey guys, glad to be here.Not sure if I am posting in the right section, still figuring out the forum. After watching so many of Dylans and by his recommendation, finally a member to the forum! Very excited to learn and pickup things from fellow members. Currently running my first cycle...
  8. K

    newb here whats up

    Whats up bros been a long time reader of this forum this will be my first forum since i cant upload an avi or edit my profile allow me to give stats im 27 live in al im 5 foot 9 180 lbs generously 13% bf been lifting for 6 years im active in martial arts also i love tits ha
  9. M

    New Member introduction and some questions

    Hey everyone. Just introducing myself which is what was recommended. I am brand new to this site. I have been into fitness for the last 8 years or so now. I'm 26 years old. Work as a paramedic in the Fire service. I don't know too much about steroids right now but I have been starting to...
  10. V

    New Guy

    Working the gym back into the routine after a layoff the past few years. Three months in on 6 on / 1 off. Looking to work on nutrition and try a first cycle. Trying to learn from the discussions in the forums and keep the discipline up through the coming years. Reviewing forums to get a sense of...
  11. B

    New Member - Intro and Reason for being here

    Hey there guys and girls, Found the forum while investigating a supplier, Aces Pharma. Joined the forum today in hopes of reading a bunch of posts that have anything to do with older lifters (40+) running gear as TRT. I have been lifting off and on (More on, than off) for decades through kids...
  12. T


    Hi, First stack question - Test only cycle w/ a few SARMS and a 'platinum' style PCT, been lifting for since 15 and played college football and was a dual athlete in weightlifting.. Been tested my whole life in sport so now that I'm done I want to see where I can take my performance...
  13. S

    New Member, First Cycle Suggestions

    Hello Dylan and Everyone! I'm happy to have found this community, you guys provide some great info. I am a 22 year old college soccer athlete, looking to use gear - sarms this summer to make some killer gains before my last soccer season starting this September. My goals this summer is to...
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