Dangerous S23 advice being passed around by Monstro...

this is a steroid Forum though and we give advice about dangerous things all the time so it's a little hypocritical to call someone out
bros I say we should love all
I'm on Dylan's team though. 80/20.. but if it was a bodybuilder team i would be on team Monstro
please show me a study that shows S23 is dangerous
all i said was that it was a powerful sarm

here are 2 studies.
neither shows that with humans it causes long term shut down any more than any other sarm or steroid

I want to see the before and afters of sperm counts
if this stuff is a good contraceptive sign me up lol
i think dylan needs to chill
he likes to cancel people too much but then turns around and calls other people woke or whatever. when he himself is the real woke person trying to cancel people. let monstro do his thing.
dylan is right though
s23 is very strong. but is it as strong as steroids? doubt it but i don't have proof
nobody should tell another man what he can't or can't do with his body
if you are old enough to pick up a gun and go to war then you should be able to use sarms or steroids i mean cmon
i think 18+ for sarms and 21+ for steroids
25+ is silly. many countries people don't even live to 40
bostin loyd died at 33 and dallas mccarver died 25. your life expectancy is short anyway when you bodybuild might as well enjoy it
i think Dylan is the GOAT of all GOATs. much respect
and Monstro is just a stud
História do MONSTRO
Eu Marco César Aguiar Luís nasci a 7 de Maio de 1977 na Ilha Terceira, uma pequena ilha de Portugal. Nasci com problemas físicos que me impossibilitaram de fazer desporto and aos 20 anos , momento em que iniciei no Judo mas logo vi que minha paixão era músculo e com ajuda do meu pai fizemos pesos de cimento e comecei a treinar em casa e foi em casa que sempre treinei comprando aos poucos pesos e máquinas tendo hoje ao fim de 26 anos um ginásio com o mínimo indispensável. Ao seja nunca treinei em ginásios comerciais . Fui natural até aos 32 anos pois mesmo nem sabia o que era química e só aos 40 anos , em 2018 fui competir pela primeira vez e ganhando . Mas antes de competir fiz uns vídeos a treinar e coloquei no meu YouTube e devido a minha condição, qualidade de pele e vascularização fui reconhecido pelos produtores de vídeos de motivação americanos como MAKAVELLI, ALWAYS MASSIVE, MIND PUMP MOTIVATION, e muitos outros . Através destes vídeos recebi propostas de patrocínios mesmo sem nunca subir ao palco . algo que revoltou os atletas de Portugal pois fui o primeiro português a ser patrocinado por uma marca Americana chegando a ser a imagem da marca após saída do Flex Wheeler. Em 2015 conquistei muitos sonhos :
💢Abri loja de suplementos: MUSCLESHOP
💢Patrocínio de marca roupa alemã LEGAL POWER onde tive um cartaz enorme na FIBO 2015 com minha foto saindo tb no catálogo deles
💢Patrocínio MEX NUTRITION como atleta da marca junto com Flex Wheeler. Estar no mesmo stand a dar autógrafos e tirar fotos lado a lado com meu ídolo . MAIOR SONHO DA MINHA VIDA
💢Aparecer em inúmeros vídeos de motivação americanos
Isto tudo sem nunca competir pois apenas subi aí palco em 2018 já com 40 anos e mesmo assim ganhando 🏆
Hoje vivo deste desporto graças a patrocínios e ser treinador online .

Como podem ver tudo na vida é possível mesmo que pareça impossível .
De incapacitado a vencedor .
De Marco Luís a MONSTRO.
In Portugal when a man challenges another man we stand next to each other and settle things man on man. Why the hate Dylan? I reached out to you already via PM's and you keep ignoring me.
Youve NEVER sent any pm's whatsoever.. screen shot with a time stamp fkng liar... all you ever do is give out harmful advice and lie, lie, and further lie... i have nothing but disdain for pieces of trash like you
SMFH... you guys are just beyond reproach... cancelling people... LOL.. its about common sense and actual care.. you know what, i certainly dont need this shit and dont want to be associated with it... i am building a big name and career and dont want to be associated with this kind of reckless shit and lack of care... so good luck to everyone! i dont need it nor want it...
The funny thing in all this is the fact that most of you commenting have had no coaching on anyone using it, have not used it themselves (aside from steve) and have never spoken with highly reputable people that use it hardcore... i have been all over this since its inception and know everything that you can know about it and have eye witnessed countless blood panels on it... "studies" even deem it a male contraceptive... you guys are so ridiculous.. this isnt about censorship, cancelling anything or whatever else i have read, which comes from nothing but a pure lack of brain cells making these types of comments... how many people do we have to see get destroyed, suddenly die, or reck their lives from using steroids and ped's too young as well as abusing them? how many??? smfh.. the lack of care and then making STUPID ass excuses or comments is seriously deplorable... its just disgusting to say the least and you bet your ass im calling it out.. i never said to cancel anything, i said DONT LISTEN TO THIS NONSENSE and ill continue to call it out or else ill just bounce because being around that type of shit does nothing but hurt credibility
Anybody who sides with this guy Monstro is a HAZARD and should not be listened to about anything. Dylan is spreading SAFETY and how to run things PROPERLY while staying alive living a healthy life. Not to be a meathead dumbass like Monstro who will die at 50!
In Portugal when a man challenges another man we stand next to each other and settle things man on man. Why the hate Dylan? I reached out to you already via PM's and you keep ignoring me.
You’re fake as fuck bro and also wild as fuck. Tryna call out my boy on HIS forums, that he built from scratch. You talk some serious shit for some clueless meathead who all they got going for them is a pile of meat and some fucked up internal organs.

Save your bullshit advice and keep it to yourself. Don’t be passing around fucked up advice on my home forum to our members, it’s not going to end well for you. Bring your bullshit and shit advise elsewhere. You fuck with our members and their health, you fuck with us.
I know it’s suppressive and should be treated as a steroid. Younger kids should not use it. I understand Monstro is a pro BUT the number of people that actually at pros is a very small number and we need to realize we aren’t giving assistance to pros on these forums most all of us are just gym rats. Normal people with normal lives trying to obtain a nice physique and we need to helps these people do it the safest way possible.
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