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Hi All! Looking for some newbie cycle advice.

52 y/o male, 69”, 175#. I would say I am skinny fat and could use some cutting. Been through bilateral shoulder replacements in 2020. Severe muscle atrophy in deltoids and rotator cuff due to scapular dysfunction (winging) for years. Being an avid cyclist did not help, so I decided to go on a hiatus. Hopefully just for a year, to focus on rebuilding posterior muscle chain in shoulders and back.

PCP has me on TRT (testosterone cypionate ) 160mg per week plus daily sermorelin (peptide therapy). Was on 200mg of Test C, but test level jumped to 1800 , but doc wants me around 1100-1300. He also has me on anastrazole .5mg 4-days per week to combat estrogen.

Working out 5-6 days per week, and seeing small changes in muscle. Running very light weights with high reps (15-20 for 3 sets). Still having joint pain but that was to be expected.

Thinking of stacking with Deca and/or primo. I am usually pretty risk adverse, but I am desperate enough to take some risks. Goal is mostly lean muscle mass and cutting. My conservative t thoughts are 160-200mg Test-C, 100mg Deca ( joint protection and pain relief), and 200mg primo per week. Cycle for about 12-weeks and stop primo and Deca. Assuming natural testosterone suppression with Deca and primo will allow me to go back up to 200mg Test-C. Current TRT has had lipid profile impact that PCP is working on naturally combating.

Sorry for the long introduction, but assumed good to know some background. Any thoughts or recommendations?
Diet is very clean. Doing a healthy version of keto I would say most days I am under 30 grams of carbs. Most come from veggies.
i dont like it for several reasons... the dosing is just way too low to make this worth the time, money and suppression... not t omention the condition... when you say skinny fat, what body fat percent are you at currently? i also hate the use of deca for any sort of injury healing, protection etc... it DOES NOT heal anything and only acts as a mask/band aid to a wound that ultimately can leave you worse off than before you started... if you want REAL healing then you should use compounds that actually provide that and deca does not...
I am not sure of my bod y fat percentage at all.
My original plan was to just add 400mg/week of primo on to my existing TRT and sermorelin. Does that make more sense than adding in Deca?
obviously my lower body is fine. Just have a lot of abdominal visceral fat I would like to shed. Love handles especially.
body fat plays a huge role in determining if you should even be using steroids or not... i would drop the deca, yes.... primo at the bare minimum should be 400 mg week but 500-600 is where you will actually get the full potential from it... if you want more healing i woul dgo with mk677 and mk2866 along with primo here...
I would also point out Skinny Fat is s my own perception. Most would disagree with me on that but it is still my perception of myself without a shirt.

I am open to suggestions on dosing. I am not interested in bodybuilding, so that was why I was considering the lower doses. The only rate limiting factor is the primo due to the cost.

I do realize the Deca will only mask some of my symptoms as I focus on getting the muscles functioning and growing correctly. The masking is a nice benefit IMHO. All of my strengthening programs are designed by my PT, so I don’t hurt myself, and I am being super careful.
masking is a fine benefit short term but not long term... it can often times make the injury worse as you are overworking an injured area without being able to tell the actual damage being caused... its not smart at all
I completely agree with Dylan about Deca Durabolin sir. I would strongly suggest avoiding that and using compounds that provide you with true, actual healing!
So what do you recommend Dylan?
As i said previously, i would go with mk2866 and mk677... Mk677 will be very similar to running hgh without the high cost and less possible side effects... Those two would fit perfectly... 677 would be ran a minimum of 6 months but a year would be most optimal and 2866 would be 12 weeks...

677 is 25 mg per day once a day before bed

2866 is 25 mg per day once a day in the a.m. ... after 2 weeks you would bump to 50 mg per day

for the best quality i would recommend either or
Thanks everyone for the feedback! I will look into the SARMS Dylan suggested. My apologies for not seeing the SARMS you recommended earlier in the thread.
I assume I should be getting the mk677 and mk2866 in the premixed 30mL bottles? It looks like the 677 should last about a month and the 2866 about 15-days once I get to the 50mg daily dose.

Or is it better to get the powder and reconstitute it, and if so, how?
I assume I should be getting the mk677 and mk2866 in the premixed 30mL bottles? It looks like the 677 should last about a month and the 2866 about 15-days once I get to the 50mg daily dose.

Or is it better to get the powder and reconstitute it, and if so, how?
i would just stick with the liquids already made if you dont know how to reconstitute... thats definitely not my area, i dont get into that type of thing
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