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Thread: Phurious and PE combo

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    Phurious and PE combo

    So I had another thread going but for various reasons, I jumped ship and started over with a different protocol.
    Phurious was generous to allow me to run his sust in exchange for posting bloods. Those will be in about 3-4 weeks. This is my second week on it. I am using sust 300 at 1ml Monday and 1ml Thursday. Saying it is smooth is an understatement. I was worried because of the mix and only ever doing cyp on my 4 months of TRT. But I swear it is as smooth if not better than the rx cyp. As soon as I finish bloods I will throw Phurious dbol in at 30mg for the middle section of the blast. Depending on timeframes I may add some of his deca as well.
    Now for the sarms. I am taking GW, Lgd, and S4. GW is obviously 20mg morning or preworkout and Lgd is 10mg morning. So far I have done S4 at 25mg morning and 25mg night. I am thinking of bumping it up.
    I will need to get another bottle but with 30%, how can I not?? I have some yellow tint and longer dark adjusting times. But it's manageable and I want to try to increase it. It has been two weeks on GW and Lgd and one week on S4. I have to say that I feel fuller and look bigger. Small but noticeable changes.
    Still having some difficulties eating enough on some days. It's weird. Some days I'm ravenous and want more and others I have to force feed. Weight is steady on the rise still. Now that I am on Phurious sust I expect great changes. Also giving dues to the PE.
    I am doing a newer routine as well. Monday and Thursday is chest/back. Tuesday and Friday is legs/shoulders. Monday and Tuesday are heavy with low volume. Thursday and Friday are lighter with higher volume. Really need to work on the muscular endurance lol.
    I did hit a new 1rm bench 1 1/2 weeks ago at 255. Then last night hit a new 5 rep max at 225. Now I unfortunately lift alone 90+% of the time. So I have to be a little reserved about the crazy choices I make. Alone as in no body else in the gym at all. Not just working with me lol.
    If I missed anything. Feel free to ask and I'll do what I can to keep this ball rolling.

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    well since no one is in there it wouldn't be so embarrassing having to dump the bar one side at a time. lol i remember back in the late 90's i was in the gym had the flu, and was trying to stop smoking and i dropped 135 on me and couldn't do shit, some woman came to my rescue lol talk about a fucking embarrassment. but now its funny if that happened now it wouldn't bother me but i was in my 20's man

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    Lol that's one way to do. My fiancé who is 4'11" 88lbs saved me one day with 200lbs on the bat before I broke that milestone. I was lifting in our horse shed and was positive I had it... Lol. My dumb ass had clipped it out of habit. Soooo good thing she was nearish lol. I don't clip quite a few exercises now.

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    lol yep shit happens im sure if there were cameras in the gym im in a video somewhere of a gym fail lmao

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    So I decided to bump the s4. I am getting some sides. But it's manageable and I want to try a little more. I'll probably split it to where I get the little extra in the morning and the normal dropper at night. And then if I still increase it again I'll just even them out.

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    In to follow this buddy. I'm assuming this is going to be a lean bulk? If so having the S4 and GW in there will certainly help you in that area to keep the fat off. Good luck....I'll be following

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    Yes as lean as possible. But still excited to throw the dbol in for a mid blast kick. But we'll have to see when the time gets here. I may be hitting my goals without it lol. I'll adjust it when the time comes if needed

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    I think I went up to 100 on my s4 and my sides were tolerable but considerable. yellow tint, driving at night was scary red lights looked yellow hell all lights looked yellow, there were a few nights I woke up to look at the clock and for a few seconds couldn't see shit thought I was blind, and waking to piss at night was a challenge just the light to dim light. I knew the sides were there but only after coming off the s4 did I really realize how much it effected my vision at night or in dim places like in the car for early morning workouts.

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    Did you ever have any blurring? Or just the yellow tint and sensitivity to adjustments?

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    ya half the time I couldn't even read my damn phone.

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